stage fright : tommy lee

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it was the first night ever that the boys let you sing back up and you were nervous as fuck. "hey dudes, hurry up we're about to go on," nikki yells while pounding on the dressing room door. tommy stops destroying your insides and yells," alright alright sixx just go away." you hear nikki scoff as you see his feet walk away from the door. "I promise to meet your nasty sex dreams once this rocking ass show is over, okay princess?" tommy cockily says as you fix your hair in the mirror. the boys picked the most sluttiest outfit they could find for you tonight but you didn't mind because it showed off your curvaceous body :

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tommy eye fucked you the entire time you were putting your lipstick on in the mirror

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tommy eye fucked you the entire time you were putting your lipstick on in the mirror. "god damn you're so hot," he mutters as he grips your waist from behind. you feel him press his hard-on against your thigh as you turn and smack him on the chest then say," no way tommy lee, we have to go on like right now." you both laughed as you grabbed his hand and dragged him out of the door until you felt nauseated and had to stop. you grabbed the nearest trashcan and started heaving up the steak and potatoes you had for lunch.

"woah, are you okay babe?" tommy said as he grabbed your hair out of your puking zone. "yeah I'm f-," you started to say before you started throwing up again. the boys all surrounded you before you stood straight up and pushed past them saying," I'm fine you guys I'm just nervous." they nodded and laughed as they started running down the hall yelling. you shook your head, chuckling, as you started fiddling your thumbs. "okay guys, you're on," zutaut said ushering us on stage as tommy grabbed your hand and pulled you with him.

the bright stage lights hit your face as you felt the sweat already beading up near your scalp, you felt like you were about to shit your pants. "who's ready to rock!!" vince yelled as he punched the air and flipped his hair. once you got to your spot and started singing, nothing else in the world mattered. for once in your life you had felt like a baby bird just now being able to use it's wings as you belted the notes along with vince.

vinnie stood next to you and danced with you as he wiped the sweat off his forehead. in between songs you ran over to tommy and gave him kisses and drinks of alcohol as you scurried back to the microphone. "thank you very much for this wonderful night you fucking pervs, keep rocking and we'll see you next time," vince screamed as the crowd went wild and you all bowed after you and tommy kissed.

you all stumbled off stage, catching your breath like it was your first time breathing as doc forced water bottles into your hands. "get me some fucking jack not water," nikki slurs as he punches vince's arm and whirls around acting crazy. you sit on tommy's lap as he wipes your face off for you and mutters," even when you're sweating your ass off you're still hot as fuck." you smirk and smack his chest a little as you whisper," well maybe we can sneak off and you can get a piece of this," as a smile formed on tommys face.

his eyes went animalistic as he propped you up to stand up on the floor and grabbed your hand to drag you into the nearest coat closet. he pulled you up and wrapped your legs around his waist as he roughly kissed you all over your chest. he laid you against a shelf as he got on his knees and ripped open your leather pants. he pulled them down your knees halfway and flicked his tongue right on your clit as he smiled a devious smile up at you.

he tore into you making you a moaning mess as your hands gripped the back of his head, once you came he wiped his mouth off and lifted your chin up with his finger. "now make daddy proud and get on your knees," tommy spat while he slowly unzipped his pants. you get on your knees and pull your hair out of your face as he slowly entered his length into your mouth, tired of waiting he pushed it all the way to the back of your throat.

he face fucked you to the gods and had your makeup running down your face. you choosing his dick over breathing as low groans escaped his mouth. "yes, good girl," he muttered as he threw his head back and gripped your hair. you felt his dick twinge in your mouth as you got ready for his load to spill all on your face, he yanked your head back and held his dick as he came all over you. "you look so beautiful down there," tommy cooed as he grabbed a random piece of cloth and wiped your face off for you. he helped you up as he passionately gave you a kiss and helped wipe off your smeared makeup.

tommy treated you like a goddess in bed, like you were a once in a lifetime thing. he yanked your hair and made you plead on your knees for him to destroy your guts on his dominant days. his days where he was acting sweet though, he would let you lead and treated you like some fragile human being. tommy boosted your sexual drive in so many ways and it was only getting better from here.

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