Skin tones are not desserts

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You've most likely seen words like "Mocha", "Chocolate", "Caramel", or "Vanilla" used to describe skin in books, especially for ethnic characters.  You might even be guilty of it yourself.

Stop it. It's cringe. It's overused. I know some of ya'll don't mind, but, I don't want to be described as dessert.

There are tons of other words to describe skin tones, simply google shade names of a color, I know to some of you writers research and synonyms are the plague but just do it. In doing so not only are you avoiding the use of cliche descriptions, you'll also sound a bit fancier. Just don't use a word that nobody fucking knows like Mikado or Xanadu or Coquelicot.

Aight, that is all, get back on your bullshit now everyone.

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