Chapter 21

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Chapter 21

I stood there not moving as Elder James walked through the door and walked away. He left me alone to deal with Duke. Duke walks straight into my room after closing the door. He then stood in the middle of the room as I watch him.

“All this time, you were actually one of us. You said all those things about how Elementals were so stuck up and yet you are one yourself.” Duke said pacing around my room.

“Duke I-” I tried to say something but he cut me off.

“No. Just let me process this. Always telling me that this was none of my business when it really was. You are an Elemental. A freaking Elemental. No wonder they said that you were so powerful and important. No wonder you are so close to them. They have always knew but not us. Your own kind. I just understand why you did so.” Duke said.

“It was for your own good.” I said.

“My own good? You don’t get to decided that. I have always thought that you were more special than me but now that I found out that you are the same kind as me. You are nothing but a complete lie. All that big talk about how bad we are but when you were basically talking about yourself.” He said walking towards me.

“You don’t understand the situation.” I said watching his every move.

“Damn right I don’t.” He shouted at me.

“I had too. It was for my safety and yours.” I said.

“How has you being an Elemental have to do with our safety?” He said stepping dangerously close to me.

“I’m different from you, Fray and the rest. I’m not the same as you.” I said putting my hands out to prevent him from coming closer to me.

“How can you anywhere different from all of us?” He said grabbing hold of my hands.

Flames then started to travel across my arms to his hands burning him slightly. He moves back holding his slightly burned hands and examine it. He then looks at me in shock then I brought water to his hands. It gets healed in seconds.

“See. I’m not like you. I control all these Elements where else all of you only have one. I’m more dangerous and if I get out of hand. I could hurt one of you and that isn’t what I nor the Elders want. I don’t want to hurt anybody this way. I makes me feel like a monster.” I cried.

He puts his hands on my cheeks. I look up at him. He still had his masked on but that didn’t matter. He pulled me into a hug. The heat from his body radiated to mine which was icy cold.

“Is that why they said that you were so powerful and important?” He mumbled.

“Yes.” I said before closing my eyes and enjoying his embrace.

We stood like that together for a while before he let me go from his embrace. The warmth disappeared like always.

“That would mean that I can show you my face.” He said looking down at me.

“No.” I said looking away from his gaze.

“Why no?” He asked.

“You shouldn’t take off your mask at all. It’s for your own protection and mine. If someone were to see your face then they can hunt down your relatives and used them against you. The same goes for the other Elementals.” I said.

He was silent. I didn’t understand what was so important for me to see his real face. That wouldn’t make any difference to our relationship at all.

“I wear a mask too.” I said.

“Not right now you don’t.” He said.

I moved a bit back and release the water mask. My hair started from brown to turn silk white. My eyes turned color to my blue eyes. I look at Duke who stood there staring at my new appearance.

“My full name is Winter Valentine.” I said.

Duke reached for his mask and took it out. I quickly closed my eyes to avoid seeing his face. I felt his warm hands on my cheeks.

“It’s ok, Winter. If anyone sees my face then it will be my fault, ok. You don’t have to worry about me Winter.” He said rubbing my cheeks.

“But..” I mumbled.

“No, buts Winter. I want you to see my face because I thought that you being different would want to see my face. Whenever someone doesn’t want to see my face, I feel like I’m not worth the time for them to look at me. I know it’s for my own safety but I have been wearing his mask for so long. It pains me when someone doesn’t want to see me.” He said placing his head on my shoulder.

“Appearances are not important to me, Duke.” I said causing him to look at me.

“Please just see me. You are the only one I really want to see my face and every time you reject me, it pains me even more. Please Winter.” He said.

I slowly opened my eyes to see his beautiful face. I could now see his green eyes glow. His perfect jaw line. I place my hands on his rough cheeks feeling even more warmth.

Tears started to stream down his face. I wiped them off. I put my forehead on his. Our nose was touching.

“It still doesn’t change anything between us.” I said.

He pulled me close to him and kissed me.

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