"here i come" : vince neil

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you run down the hall to get away from vince as he barrels right after you. you squeal after he attacks you and makes you land on the bed as he lays on top of you. "hey no fair, you can't tease me with your sexy voice and dominant ways," you whine as he smooths your hair down. "well baby, it's not fair that your ass can look so damn good in those shorts and you expect me to not want you," he smirks as he starts kissing your neck.

ever since you and vince met at a strip club in los angeles, he has treated you like you were his top priority. you and the boys all got along which was a good thing considering that they were the sleaziest men ever, who only acknowledged a woman when she was half or fully naked. as he kissed you lower and lower down your body you squirm up out of his hold and started running. he sighs and starts running after you as you fly down the steps squealing. "you'll never find mee," you tease as you hear vinces running feet echoing throughout the house. "i bet i will my sexy little thang," he purred as he trailed his finger down the stiarcase railing.

you were hiding in the pantry ruffling through the chips as you seen his feet trail past the door. you giggled a little as you held your hand over your mouth to be a little quieter. you seen him stop in front of the door as you heard him sarcastically say," hmm i wonder where y/n could be," as he pulled the door open really fast. you slung the chips up in the air and screamed as he grabbed your sides and started laughing while tickling you.

the chips were all over the floor, in yours and vinces hair, and the chip bag was also torn to bits after you guys got up laughing like crazy. you look into vince's sharp eyes and see his beautiful smile slowly form on his face as he mutters," you look so beautiful y/n."

your face gets hot as you move his hair out of his eyes and put your hand on his heaving chest. "god i want you so bad right now," he whispered as he pressed his body against yours and you give him a peck on the lips. "well i mean, you'll just have to catch me then i guess," you exclaim as you run past him really fast and swing around the railing to run up the stairs. he scoffs with a smile as he screams," HERE I COMEEE DOLL FACE," and follows shortly behind you.

he eventually catches up to you and this time sits on your legs as you roll over on top of him and sit right on his crotch unintentionally. you blush with a giggle as a smirk peers upon his face, he leans up and wraps your legs behind him as he asks for permission to take your shirt off. he slips the straps of your tanktop off slowly as he kisses your neck and cups one of your tits.

he lowers you on your back as he strokes your leg and whispers," i told you i was coming." his voice was gruff and his eyes were piercing in your soul as he pushed his hair off his sweat covered forehead and started kissing you all over. he trails his tongue up your body after giving you hickeys on your thighs as he takes one of your tits in his mouth.

a slight moan escapes from your mouth as he starts rubbing circles on your clit really slowly, smirking at how much of a mess you were. he slowly unzips his pants as you pull your shorts off your hips and he places himself right up to your core. he teases you as you squrim and eventually put it in, taking his whole length in you as he slowly started stroking.

your knees felt weak as he continued pumping into you, feeling the sweat dripping down your body as a string of profanities slip out of vinces mouth. he flips you over and continues to raw dog you while he holds your hair back. your head is laying back on his shoulder as he whispers in your ear," you really got me going huh princess?" you whimper and nod really fast, a loud moan escaping from your mouth shortly after.

he went faster and faster as you felt his dick start twitching inside of you as he pulled out and came all on your back. you wipe some off your back and lick it off your finger as vince mutters," ugh that's so hot," and smacks your ass. your mischevious little giggle filled the air around you since it was so quiet as you got up and brung your hair over your shoulder.

"damn you drive me wild," vince whispers as he kissed you on the cheek and sat on the edge of the bed. you sat on his lap and turned the tv on as you watched general hospital for the rest of the night. you cuddled up close to him and eventually fell sound asleep as he kissed your head and whispered," i love you y/n."

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