three way : nikki and tommy

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you were always on the run no matter who it was from. the police, your parents, your life in general. all of it was stupid to you and you could trust no one, until you met mick mars. one day you were sitting on a park bench, starving your ass off with no where to go. your shift at a grubby diner had just ended and you were getting some fresh air while trying to find a place to lay your head.

last week you had hitched a ride with a man that could've been your great grandpa and he was hitting on you the entire time. you didn't dare go to sleep in fear something would happen, as long as you were somewhat safe from the outside world.

you got up and walked towards a little restaurant and sat at some table outside near a dumpster. you rested your head on your arm as you heard a raspy voice say," you're in my spot." you look up really fast to see some old man holding a guitar case with a couple dollars in his hand.

"i said you're in my spot," he repeated as you gave him a disgusted look. "did you buy this bench old man? unless you did then i ain't moving. i've had too hard of a day to have some stranger boss me around," you snap as he laughs. you look at him confused as he says," i like you kid." he sits down next to you but not too close as he lays everything on the table and says," im mick." you slightly wave at him as you mutter," i'm the one and only y/n."

"where are you from huh? one and only y/n," he mocks as you look up at him with a 'don't try me' face. he chuckles as you say," i'm from here but i was raised in texas after awhile when i moved in with my parents once they got back custody of me." he's silent for awhile as he says," damn. sounds like we both have mixed up lives," as you nod. "amen to that," you mutter as you sit up with a excited look," but do you own a house?" mick shakes his head as your face falls and you let your head fall back onto your arm. "so you sleep on park benches too huh?" you scoff as you run your fingers through your hair. he nods as you sit here for awhile doing nothing.

he gets out his guitar and shreds like a guitarist god as you go silent in amazement and sit up to watch him. his hooked fingers and the sliding up and down on the strings was putting you into a trance as you got the sudden urge to get up and dance. you get up and dance provocatively as a bunch of men start whistling and howling like wolves, some random woman joined you and people started throwing money.

this was the first time in a while that you felt free as you moved the party to a strip club. the strippers there were really nice and let you use the pole after taking about 7 shots of jack. you laced up a pair of black boots you borrowed from one of the strippers as you twirled around the pole. the manager of the place eventually kicked you and mick out as you both stumbled down the street laughing. "well we got enough to get a hotel room for the night old man, so pick your poison," you say drunk as fuck slinging your arm towards the variety of run down hotels.

he traces his finger in the air and lands on a crappy motel 6 as you guys race each other there. you file into the hotel lobby as mick slurs to the man at the counter," room for 2 please, 2 separate beds though." the man nodded and tapped on the keyboard as he hit the side of the computer to start it up and said," your total is $100."

you throw a handful of money towards the man after he hands you the keys and you and mick run to your room. you were trusting a complete stranger but for some reason you felt super safe with him. after you two get comfortable in your own beds you hear mick mutter," you know kid. you're pretty cool." you chuckle and slur," you too old man," as you both fall sound asleep.

- next morning -

you wake up to the sound of mick hunched over in a chair, strumming his guitar. he noticed you were awake and says," i got you a muffin from breakfast downstairs. i didn't know what you wanted but you look like a muffin kind of girl so there." you chuckle as you retort," awe you shouldn't have," as he rolls his eyes and grumbles to himself. "don't feel special cause it's not gonna happen all the time," he mutters as he continues strumming. "i'm putting an ad in the newspaper today kid," mick roughly said as you nodded.

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