III. Mimic

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March 3, 2021 - 34.6937° N, 135.5023° E - Osaka, Japan

"Following the news of the fire in Dotonbori Street, Osaka, another accident has occured nearby. Another one of the infamous red flashes was spotted near the vicinity right after the fire spread. Like the previous incidents of the said flashes, local police still have no clear trace of the victim nor the suspect."

"Tsk, its that red flash again." said a customer at the bar.

The bartender whom he was chatting to replied with a sigh.

"That's the 6th case of that, how can the police still have nothing." the bartender sighed once more.

"But according to interviewed bystanders who happen to be near the flash, it appears that the suspect is a male teenager wearing a school uniform. Authorities say that they would be conducting a thorough investigation of every school near the area." said the female news reporter on the TV.

As the customer and the bartender continue sharing their thoughts, a female around the age of 30 was sitting at a table not too far away from the two.

She heard the news, smirking menacingly.

Her eyes turned crystal pink as she enjoyed the last sip of her wine.

April 5, 2021 - 37.5665° N, 126.9780° E - Seoul, Korea

Minji greeted Jungwon with a bow and a smile. She seemed quite thrilled that she's helping someone - thrilled she's doing something productive and helpful.

"Jungwon here is also in your class, class 11C, that means you can accompany and help Jungwon more often." the registrar told Minji.

Minji made that 'ohhh' face and nod her head, then smiled at Jungwon.

As the registrar kept explaining a few things, she would always nod and look at Jungwon while smiling at him.

She was just trying to be friendly, but Jungwon might not get what she's trying to do.

Jungwon was weirded out by her smile. If you asked Jungwon, he would say that smiling multiple times at a person you just met is kind of weird.

"You two should go on now, class is starting soon. Minji I'll leave you in charge of Jungwon." said the registrar to which the girl replied with another nod and smile.

"Let's go, oh uhmm, do you want me to carry that bag for you?" Minji asked as she saw Jungwon carrying a sling bag.

"No its fine, after you." he replied.

The two went on their way to the classroom. The walk their was silent. Minji did not know if part of her job is being friends with him, or if she should just mind her own business. Plus, she was a bit intimidated by Jungwon's looks.

To her, he seemed like the kind of boy who would be easily surrounded by girls. The popular campus crush type of boy.

Because of her assumptions, the more she thought that Jungwon would find it uncomfortable for her - a girl - trying to get close to him already.

But then she thought, she promised herself that she would change this year. Means that she has to try out new things - like finding new friends aside from Sunoo, Niki and Heeseung.

She grit her teeth, nervous to say the first word. All the moments of female leads approaching the intimidating male leads from the K-Dramas she watched are what makes her overthink about the situation.

"I can hear your teeth from here." Jungwon said out of the blue.

Emmbarassed, she put her head down and began scolding herself in her thoughts.

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