roommates pt. 2 : nikki, tommy, and vince

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vince kissing you made everything so awkward when you walked back out there. nikki looked at you and motioned towards the kitchen as you slowly got up and slowly walked in there. about a minute later nikki arrives around the corner into the kitchen as he says," well i know a little about you but i still need to know more. i really like you y/n. i don't know how else to say it and i was really awkward about it in the beginning but i'm telling you now and i want you to know so it doesn't seem so weird in the future."

you smile and nod at him as you hold the tips of his fingers and say," i don't know how i feel right now but let me rain check and i'll know my answer by then." he looks confused as you rub your eyes and say," i'm really weird about stuff like this too so i just need some time and sympathy until i know exactly how i feel." nikki nodded as you nod back and smile at him, he shoots his beautiful smile at you as you walk past him back into the living room.

this just got so awkward and you were weirded out by all of it but it gave you sort of an adrenaline rush knowing that so much was going on under one roof between three guy best friends. you had doubts that this could go good but until then you loved every minute of it. it was getting dark outside as you yawned and stretched while watching tv.

"I'm going to sleep guys, I'll see you tomorrow," you say yawning as the boys mutter goodnight. you trudge down the hallway into your room as you changed into your pajamas. you hear a little knock at the door after brushing your teeth as you slightly open it and see tommys face in the moonlight.

"hey, just wanted to check on you," he whispered with a cute smile as you started blushing. "thanks, I'm okay," you said as he nodded and left to his room. tommy hardly does this for any girl so maybe he likes you too. you plopped down on the bed and stared at the ceiling as your eyes drifted shut. you had to choose who you wanted and fast or everything would only go bad.

- next morning -

your eyes flutter open as you rub your eyes and sit up. "get the fuck back here vince," tommy yelled as you heard them stomping down the hall towards your room. vince jumps all over you to go on the other side of the bed as you swat his face. "vince you motherfucker, i just woke up man," you yell as him and tommy laugh.

tommy stops laughing and goes back to jumping on vince while beating him up. "that's what you get for snorting the last bit of cocaine," tommy says standing up with his hair a mess. you laugh as you grab them by their wrists and lead them out of your room. you slammed the door and locked it as you ran your hands through your hair. you made your way into the bathroom as you hear nikki yelling at tommy and vince to stop yelling, you chuckle a little as you step in.

after your shower you got dressed and walked to the living room where the boys were :

after your shower you got dressed and walked to the living room where the boys were :

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you made your way into the kitchen to get a beer as you sat on the arm of the couch. mick was strumming his guitar as nikki flipped through some posters they had made to put out on the strip. tommy and vince weren't there so they probably were outside smoking.  it was quiet for a minute until nikki questions," you wanna help me go and post these around the street later?" you nodded and sipped your beer as he smiled his cheeky little smile.

you blush as you get up and go outside to your car to get your cigarettes. as you're walking off the porch the boys follow directly behind you, almost running you over as they run past you. you catch your balance and start laughing as they pile into the car and tommy says," where are we going?"

"well i was gonna get my cigarettes but if you want to go somewhere i guess that's fine," you chuckle as you get into the car. "where though?" vince asks as you think of an idea and a smile creeps on your face. "go grab nikki and mick, i got an idea," you say slyly as tommy smiles and points at you. "i don't know what you're thinking but i have a feeling it's dirty," tommy says with a smirk as you tap his shoulder as a way of telling him to go.

tommy jumps out of the car and goes to get nikki as vince and you chuckle. vince sits back in the seat and sighs as he hesitantly asks," you gotta boyfriend?" you laugh with a smirk and say," no, why do you ask?" he rubs the back of his neck and chuckles as he mutters," i think you're beautiful and i was wondering if you wanted to go out sometime." great. vince, tommy, and nikki all have feelings for you and you have no clue what to do.

nikki, tommy, and mick all eventually emerge from the house as you start the car. that thing had broken down about five times throughout the week so hopefully it would make it to the nearest strip club. the car sputters it's way into a strip club called wild legs as you all pile out. nikki didn't look too excited but everyone else did, you found that very weird.

you pulled nikki aside and asked," what's wrong sixx? you live for strip clubs." he looks at his feet and sighs as he says lowly," i want to prove that I'd do anything for you. as cheesy as that sounds i really do care about you."

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