IV. Cloak

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Minji came back from the faculty room, carrying a folder filled with documents.

"You're here, finally!" Niki exclaimed, excited to finally introduce his friend group #1 to his friend group #2.

Minji sat down on the table beside Heeseung. She didn't notice at first, but then she saw that the person in front of them was someone else.

"So guys, these are my other friends!" Niki told Sunoo, Heeseung and Minji.

"This is is Jake, he's a soccer player." Niki said

"Hi, you guys must be the friends Niki keeps telling us about. It's so nice to finally meet you all!" Jake said with a warm smile as he shook hands with the three.

Heeseung observed him as he was shaking hands with Minji.

"This guy's too kind. He doesn't look like the guy that's looking for a girl. This isn't the one that Niki's trying to introduce to Minji." Heeseung thought to himself.

"And this is Jay, he's an athlete too! He plays basketball."

"Hi." Jay said with a small smile and a nod.

"Looks like a playboy, but seems innocent. He just met us, he's probably loud but he hasn't come out of his shell." Heeseung thought, again, not too threatened by Jay.

"And this is-" Niki was introducing the boy, but he cut Niki off.

"Park Sunghoon." He said as as he extended his arm out to Minji for a handshake.

"There it is." Heeseung thought, squinting his eyes.

"I'm a figure skater. Professional Athlete actually." Sunghoon said with a smirk.

"I'm a fiGuRe sKatEr, pRofFeSsiOnaL aThleTe aCTuaLLy."Heeseung said under his breath as he rolled his eyes.

Sunoo, who sits beside Heeseung, heard what the older said. Sunoo tried his best to contain his laugh.

"Yeah! Hyung represented Korea many times! He's really good maybe you should check him out sometime!" Niki told Minji

Minji was impressed, she had never met someone so accomplished. It was natural for her to be interested in people who have a lot going on in their life. She loved being friends with very interesting people.

"Nice to meet you Sunghoon." she said, eager to get to know him.

Sunghoon smiled at her, making sure to flaunt his charm as to leave a good first impression - which he successfully did so.

Heeseung rolled his eyes, not amused by what Sunghoon did.

"Minji you should go hang out with Sunghoon! You two can go ice skating and- OW!!!" Niki shouted.

Jake, Jay and Sunghoon who were at the other side of the table looked at him, confused why he just said that.

"Oh I'm sorry. My hand must have slipped." Sunoo said with a sassy tone.

Niki hissed at the older, before continuing what he was saying.

"Anyways, you two should- OW!!' Niki shout once more.

"Oh I'm so sorry, my hands keep moving. It's like they have minds of their own." Sunoo told Niki with a fake smile.

Sunoo then glared at Niki, looking at him all seriously.

Niki realized what he was doing wrong, and then he had to change the topic quickly.

But Sunoo beat him to it. Sunoo doesn't trust Niki, he thought that Niki would say something about Sunghoon and Minji hanging out again.

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