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- Flashback -

Taeyung, Age: 4
Taehyung's P.O.V

"She looks like a blue parrot
Would you come fly to me?
I want some good day, good day, good day
Good day, good day
Looks like a winter bear
You sleep so happily
I wish you a good night, good night
Good night, good night

Imagine your face, say hello to me,
Then all the bad days, they're nothing to me,
With you, ooh, ooh, ooh

Winter bear

Ooh, oh, ooh,
Sleep like a winter bear
Ooh, ooh, ooh,

Sleep like a winter bear.."

I smiled as Taeyung nuzzled closer to me when I finished singing his favorite lullaby, I kissed his forehead and was about to get up when he gently grabbed my hand, making me look at him as he whispered,

"Appa... I-I.. want an Eomma.."

My smiled quickly faded when I heard that but I quickly cleared my throat and said softly yet sternly,

"Taeyungie.. we already talked about this-"

"I-I know... but.. all my friends have Eomma's.. why can't I have one? Am I a bad boy?"

"Baby.. no. No of course your not." I sighed as I gently picked up Taeyung and sat him in my lap as I said,

"Appa just... hasn't found.. the right woman. Appa wants you to have a perfect Eomma, do you understand baby?"

Taeyung thought for a moment before nodding then he said confidently,

"I'll help you look for my Eomma!"

I laughed as I raised an eyebrow at him and said,
"Oh really? And how do you know she'll be the right one for us?"

I asked genuinely curious and Taeyung smiled and said,

"I'll know she's the right one for us... when she makes us both laugh!"

I shook my head as I burst in laughter at his statement, which caused him to giggle, "Okay buddy, if she makes both of us laugh... then I'll ask her on a special date-"

"Can I come too Appa?!"

He asked cutting me off and I ruffle his hair gently as I nod, "Of course you can come buddy."

After our little talk, we say our goodnights and I gently close Taeyung's door and walk over to my room... and once I close my bedroom door, I sighed sadly.

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