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Yn's P.O.V
After Mr. Kim didn't say anything back, I awkwardly bowed and said, "I-I'm sorry for asking such a personal question-"

"Why are you apologizing for something so small? I enjoy speaking about my son." He said and I nodded as I stood up while he continued to look at my resume.

"S-So... what do you think Mr. Kim?" I asked nervously as I waited in anticipation, I need this job and I prayed that he accepted me as his new Secretary.

After what seems like a minute, Mr. Kim looks me up and down and says,

"I'm sure you'll make a fine Secretary.. Miss Lee but there's one thing that you need do if I give you this job.."

I looked at him in anticipation as I bit my lip nervously and he softly says,

"I need you to take care of my son."

'What? Is he really that busy that he can't be with his own son?' I thought in confusion and as if he were reading my mind, he stood up from his chair and said,

"As you may know, I am a very busy man and as a single father, I'd like it if my son had a.. babysitter to spend time with him when he's lonely.."

He paused and just as I was about to why he doesn't hire a babysitter instead, he says;

"Now I could hire a babysitter.. but what good is a babysitter if they can't bring my son to me while I'm working? This is where you might come in."

"Might?" I asked in a slightly disappointed tone and he nodded as he continued,

"Yes.. might. If you are willing to become my Secretary and take care of my son.. I expect you to follow some rules regarding him."

He said and I nodded but he suddenly started chuckling while shaking his head then he said,

"How rude of me.. you may have a seat Miss Lee."

I awkwardly chuckled as I bowed then carefully sat down as he sat down in front of me with a small pile of papers in front of him next to my resume,

"Now the main rules are listed on the top of this page followed by the other rules. As I said before, if you are willing to follow every rule on these pages.. you may be my Secretary."

He said in a stern tone and I nodded as I read each rule carefully.. and most of the rules seemed so simple,
they're basic things like,

- Pick up my son after school everyday at 1:00 PM and bring him here in my office.
- If I'm really busy, spend time with my son at our house.
- Don't hit my son.
- If I'm working overtime, don't give my son any sweets at night.
- Take my son anywhere he wants to go.
- Only scold my son if he misbehaves.
- If he yells or hits you, call me.
- If you can't get my son to sleep, call me.
And more..

A few minutes after I read all the rules on the pages, one though comes to mind;
'Is Mr. Kim divorced?'

Not wanting to ask, I went to the last page and was about to sign it when Mr. Kim holds my hand, stopping me from signing causing me to give him a puzzled stare then he says,
"If you break any of these rules Miss Lee.. I will make your life a living hell."

I awkwardly smile and nod as I try to get my hand out of his grasp but he only holds my hand tighter and says in a stern tone,

"And that's not just an empty threat... that's a promise."

I nodded quickly and said softly, "I understand Mr. Kim. I promise I'll follow every rule in these pages."

Even though he let go of my hand after what I said, he looked at me suspiciously and that's when I grabbed his hand in mine, looked him in the eyes and said in a serious tone,

"Mr. Kim, I mean it! I promise I'll work hard and.. and you can go ahead and ruin my life if I break any of the rules but please... please just give me a chance? I really need this job!"

I said the last sentence softly as I held onto his hand tightly, and he cleared his throat and said,
"You can let go now Miss Lee."

I gave him a confused look before blushing at the realization that I was practically squeezing his hand in mine, I immediately let go of his hand and bowed apologetically,
"I-I'm sorry Mr. Kim I didn't mean to-"

"It's alright, don't worry about it." He said while chuckling then he stood up which caused me to grab my things and stand up too,
"I'll walk you out Miss."

"Wait! What about our meeting?" I asked as I followed him as he started opening the door,

"We will discuss your new position tomorrow and my friend Jeon Jungkook will show you around the building tomorrow. Have a good day Miss Lee."

He said as he held the door open and I froze.

"W-Wait.. so.. d-does that mean I.."

I stuttered out as I began to realize what he was saying, and my reaction caused him to chuckle as he said softly,

"Yes, you're hired Miss Lee. You'll start tomorrow and as I said before--"

"THANK YOU SO MUCH MR. KIM!" I shouted happily and in my excitement, I wrapped my arms around him and hugged him tightly which caused him to become tense.

Taehyung's P.O.V
When Yn hugged me, I felt my whole body tense up and I felt my face heat up slightly as I wasn't expecting a hug from her.

After I cleared my throat loudly, she immediately let go of me and bowed apologetically but I only glared at her as I said sternly,

"Miss Lee.. you're breaking one of the rules."

The face she made was a mixture of shock and regret as she started bowing a lot while saying how sorry she was and it took everything in me not to burst out laughing then and there but I ended up laughing anyways which made her really confused.

"I just joking Miss Lee."

She sighed in relief and laughed along with me but before she was about to leave, I gave her something,
"Oh and here's my card, you can call me if you have any more questions about the rules."

I said softly and she nodded happily as she bowed and waved me goodbye.. and after I closed the door to my office, I leaned against it and sighed in content.

I hope things will be better for my Taeyung with Yn around.

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