Chapter 5

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Narrators POV

Family. The one thing that shall never end, the one thing people cherish most. The smiles, the talking, laughter. But sadly not everyone gets to experience that joy. But in sad reality, not everyone gets the privilege of having a loving family.

Most families don't even spend quality time together. Too busy to even spare a quick glance on their kids. So most people cherish that special moment they get with their family.

But different words could be said for the Brown family. No small talks, hugs, kisses, nothing that the average loving family would do.

So as Livia limped up to her room head held high like a warrior she had no regrets of what she was about to do next, not one bit. She knew that this family wasn't her future, and so she shall not let it cloud over it.

Livia pushes open her door revealing her partly empty room. Making her way to the bed she lightly took off her jeans revealing the now damp cloth covering her tight.

Reaching to the small draw beside her bed she took out A bottle of alcohol and a thick piece of gauze to wrap back over her tights.

Lightly lifting the damp piece of cloth she had sticked to her thighs, she threw it across the room into a small trash can she had beside her desk.

Livia then took the alcohol lying on her bed opening the cap to throw the alcohol on her bruise.

Livia screamed once the alcohol touched the bruise laying on her thight.

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"Shut up Shauna"

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"Well I don't need your help"

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Livia started to re-wrap her tights with the gauze. She finally finished and started to head down the stairs for he shoes.

Livia reached down the stairs and head towards the door for her shoes, grabbing the shoes she stood up ready to head to her room when suddenly a hand from behind suddenly placed a cloth over her mouth.

Livia began to scream in the cloth but it was no help because the cloth was filled with chloroform. 

Slowly she began to lose consciousness and started to fall lightly into strong arms.


Liv's POV

I wake up all alone, head pounding I started to scan my surroundings and saw that I wasn't in my room. Expect I was in a huge fancy silver bedroom with a chandelier over my head.

Then it hit me. I wasn't in my room!! I leaped out of the bed and suddenly stumbled feeling a little light headed and a excruciating pain run up my legs. I looked down then suddenly remembered all that happened before.

"Oh just great, I'm in a unfamiliar room, I got stabbed and I'm in an unfamiliar room!!" I shouted getting pissed.

I started to scan the room again for a way to escape when I saw a camera in the corner of the room looking down on me. I flicked it off and continued searching for a way to escape.

I then realized their was a door in the other corner of the room so I started to limp my way over to it when it burst open revealing a buff looking man in a suit approaching me.

I started to back away suddenly afraid when he stepped aside to reveal a woman in a suit that looked twice my age. She had dark brown eyes and short cut wavy black hair. She was truly stunning.

"Armad leave us alone" The woman said gesturing with her head to the door.

So I guess that's his name

"Yes mia signora" He said leaving the room

The woman then closed the door when he left and spun on her heel facing me. I began to back up again but came in contact with the wall.

She gave me a look of amusement, "I guess you don't remember me, well take a seat Livia"

"H-how do you know my name?" I squeaked out.

She smiled politely and said, "Take a seat Livia"

I nodded shakily and started to leap over to the bed I woke up in, I eventually reached the bed and sat down. I looked up to the woman to see her giving me a questioning look, I shot her one back and she just shook her head and took out a chair that was laid under a desk in the room which I didn't even see.

"So I'm guessing by how you reacted you don't remember me" She taking a seat in the chair.

I shook my head rapidly looking down.

"Well Liv it's me Angel, My moms Carol ring a bell?" She said

I quickly looked up shocked. "Wait angel?!?!" At this point I was beyond shocked to see her.

I in fact knew and remembered her. We were close when I was smaller, but she left when I was 9 and she was 17 at the time. Why did she leave? I don't know but all I remember of her leaving was when she came up to me the same day she left and told me she had to leave because of some serious problems and she'd be back soon.

pfft as if.

"Yea, missed me dear cousin?" She asked smirked calmly

I sneered and rolled my eyes at her at turned away from her looking around the room at anything but her.

At the corner I could see her frowning but she shock it off and masked her face with a stone cold look. She got off the chair and lightly  pushed it back under the table where she was before.

While she was doing that I took the time to admire her features. She had grown a lot taller from the last time I had seen her. While looking at the hair I saw a small ink like figure and I tilted my head to get a better look at it.

It was a tattoo of a red rose and what looked like a fidget spinner imprinted on her neck. I scrunched my eyebrows together contemplating what that meant.

Before I could ask her what it was she starightned herself nad begun to talk, "Liv I have to go I'll-" 

"Be back soon?, yea I've heard it before" I said cutting her midway her sentence.


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