roomates pt. 3 : nikki, tommy, and vince

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you couldn't believe the words that just came out of his mouth. nikki sixx, the sleaziest man you know just committed to you without you two actually being in a relationship. you stopped and blinked as you rubbed your head, confused. "you must seriously like me," you mutter as nikki nods.

you give him a hug as both of your bodies pressed together. your heart beat synced to his as you felt his breath trickle down your neck. it sent shivers down your spine as you pulled back and looked into his beautiful eyes. mick walked up from behind you and you jumped as he huffed," are you fuckers coming or what?" you chuckle as you grab your chest and say," yes mick, we'll be there shortly."

you look back at nikki as mick walks away and you see him smiling. he looked you up and down as he grabbed your hand and you walked inside. once the door swung open, the smell of cigarettes and strong whiskey filled your nose as your eyes started burning really bad.

you rubbed them as you let go of nikkis hand and said," I'm gonna go to the bathroom, meet you at the table." he nods as you make your way through crowds to get into the trashy bathroom.

the sound of drunk women puking their guts out and crying like crazy was all around. you slid your way passed a girl putting on some eyeliner as you saw she had a motley crue shirt on. "wait where did you get that?" you ask her, pointing to her shirt. she looks down and says," oh this old thing. i got it from some guy in an alleyway after one of their concerts."

you chuckled as you nodded with a smile. "well I'm glad you like them," you say as she giggles really sinisterly. "i don't really listen to the music they're just like really hot and my goal is to sleep with one of them before they get really famous," she snickered as she put on a layer of lipstick.

those words to you made you want to bash her face in. those boys meant everything to you so hearing some groupie talk about them like they're just some sex toy pissed you off. you walked away as you muttered," fucking groupie."

the girl whipped around and spat," excuse me?" you whipped around towards her and said through gritted teeth," i called you a FUCKING GROUPIE," as you put your hands on your hips. she scoffed as she kissed her teeth and said," well i saw you walk in with them so you must be one too." you wanted to beat this bitches ass so bad but you stepped back and said," what the fuck do you know?"

she laughed and turned back towards the mirror as she fluffed her hair and walked out of the bathroom. you turned and saw some drunk girl looking at you as she slurred," girl i wouldn't worry about it. there's nothing really wrong with being a groupie." you chuckled as you used the bathroom and left. you make your way through the smoke as you see tommy with a smirk on his face from a distance.

you chuckle as you make your way over to them and see the same girl from the bathroom in front of them. you walk over to them pretending you don't notice and say," hey guys." the girl looks at you and says," wait you're that fucking chick from the bathroom." you turned towards her with a smile and say," okay and?"

she scoffs and says," calling me a groupie is about the stupidest shit you could ever say," as she steps closer to you. you fluffed your hair back off your shoulders and straightened up as you retorted," okay and what the fuck are you going to do about it, hm?" nikki slowly got up as he grabbed your shoulders and she spat," im gonna mop the floor with your ass slut.

you laugh and say," funny that I'm a slut but you're the one who wants to fuck some men you've never even met before." the boys chuckled as the girl said," okay then why the fuck are you with them?" you look at them as you all start busting out laughing and say," because i fucking live with them, something i bet you would love huh?"

the girl laughs and snarks," yeah you live with them? im pretty sure you've fucked all of them already whore ass bitch." you had enough as you laughed then swung back and knocked her ass out. the boys winced as tommy muttered," holy shit," and vince and mick started chuckling. "you can pack a punch kid," mick scoffs with a laugh as he takes his glass and raises it in a cheers motion and knocks it back. you shake your hand as you look and see that it's all busted up, nikki looks at it and takes you to the bathroom.

"nikki I'm fine," you laugh as he looks up at you all serious like. "you just knocked that bitch out y/n, you're not fine," he spat as he ran cold water over it. you wince a little as he takes a paper towel and wipes over it. everything gets all cleaned up as you ask," so what was she talking about?" nikki laughs and says," she was saying how big of a fan she was and so we asked her what her favorite song was and she was froze up until you came over." you chuckle as you shake your head and you see the drunk girl from the bathroom standing at the table now.

you didn't have a problem with her so you didn't care as nikki sat down and you made your way to the bar. you ordered some shots as you noticed the girl wasn't near them anymore. you make your way over and sit down as you feel someone under the table and jump up really fast. you see her head pop out as she apologized and went back under. you shook your head and laughed as you sat back down.

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