like a father : mick

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you made your way through the grocery store as you walked through the produce aisle. you picked up a head of cabbage and some broccoli as you danced to the music being played in the background. you had just got off of work and your boyfriend was begging you to come over tonight.

you were excited and you were waiting to wear your outfit that you were designing all week. you make your way to the line as the cashier rang your stuff up. you were making your way out as you noticed a man laying down on the bench close to your car. you shook him awake as you asked," are you okay?" the man groaned as he spat," who the hell are you to ask?"

you couldn't believe how small this man was. it looked like he hadn't slept or ate in awhile. "hey, do you have anywhere to go?" you ask as he sits up. he shakes his head and grumbles," no but i don't need any hand outs," as you shook your head too. "this isn't a handout, this is me telling you that you can stay with me," you say as you put your hand on your hip. "sounds like one too me," he says as he crosses his arms across his chest.

you scoff as you say," do you need somewhere to stay or not?" as you slowly start getting the urge to just walk away. "i guess so, but just so you know. i know how to kick ass and I'm broke so if you have anyone try to kidnap me or rob me there isn't much that's gonna happen," he spits as he holds his hands up in a karate chop kind of way.

you laugh as you say sarcastically," okay rambo. i don't think you'll have anything to worry about." you see a smile on his face as he chuckled at what you said. "ohh so you aren't completely heartless huh?" you joke as he looks as your seriously.

you giggle as you make your way to your car. "what's your name by the way?" you asked as he crouched his way into the car. he shut the door and grumbled," mick mars." you nod as you say," mines y/n." he nods as he holds his guitar case on his lap and taps on it softly. you make your way to your house as you throw the keys on the counter and set the grocery bags on the stove. mick stands at the door frame as you motion for him to come in and joke," I'm pretty sure the door would love to be friends some other time but for now you can walk in." he nods as he slowly walks to the living room, looking around at your pictures on the wall.

you shake your head and laugh as you hear your phone start ringing. it was your boyfriend. "hey babe," you say into the phone as you hear him sigh and say," we're gonna have to reschedule tonight to some other weekend because my family is coming into town." you sigh as you utter," okay, that's fine i guess," as you ran your hand through your hair. he apologized a bunch of times and hung up eventually as you slammed the cabinet door shut. you walk into the living room to see mick holding up a picture of your dad.

your dad had died about 4 years ago from cancer. he was a great man and he loved you very much. your mom was a wreck after his death so she left you with no where to go, on your own at the age of 17. that's why you took nicks situation to heart, because you knew that at some point you were the one sleeping on park benches and starving. "that's my dad," you say softly as he jumps a little and looks up at you.

"are you trying to make me go into cardiac arrest?" he says gruffly as you sit down on the couch. "he died when i was just 17, my mom went ballistic and threw me out with no where to go," you mutter as you see his face fall as he looked at his feet. "enough of that though, what do you say we throw ourselves a party? maybe go out on the town?" you say with jazz hands as he laughs.

"if you want too, as long as you're buying because I'm kind of broke. i only have like five dollars to my name right now," mick huffed as he chuckled a little. you grabbed his hand and said," don't worry old man, we'll be just fine." you make your way up the steps as you push open the double doors to your bedroom.

mick looks around in awe at your huge room. "so you rich or something?" he says as you open your closet. "yeah, i did this all myself you know," you say as his eyes go wide. "how?" he says, shocked, as you turn and say," magic my friend. nah I'm kidding but i sold myself for about a year." he looked at you surprised as you chuckled," kidding again BUT i went to college after some rich man took me in for awhile. we didn't sleep together but i was like his sugar baby or something."

he nodded as you continued saying," so i went to college to be a beautician and to learn how to design clothes. so once i got out i started my own clothing line," as you found the box with your outfit you were going to wear tonight. "damn, that's cool," he says nodding his head as you chuckle. "i guess so but check out my outfit i was supposed to wear to my boyfriends tonight," you exclaim as you pull it out of the box :

 "i guess so but check out my outfit i was supposed to wear to my boyfriends tonight," you exclaim as you pull it out of the box :

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he didn't look amazed but he said," it looks really cool." you knew he wasn't too big on excitement but you laughed and said," I'm gonna put on a little fashion show for a second sit right here." you walk away as he says," where am i gonna go? you'll catch me before i hit the stairs," he mutters as he lays back on the bed.

you walk out as he slowly claps his hands and says," very 70's stevie nicks of you." you bowed as you gushed," that's the point." he scoffs as you go to take it off and put it in the box in the bathroom. mick filled that fatherly void in your life, you didn't want to get attached though because just like everyone else, eventually, he'll have to leave and that's what scared you the most.

you walk out and see that he had fallen asleep as you chuckle and cover up. you walk down the stairs into the kitchen and start making dinner for the both of you.

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