pt 1. " no one has to know " : nikki

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*this is him when he's older btw so this is the warning*

you woke up the sound of people screaming as you rubbed your eyes. mick, which is your dad, had told the boys that they could come over and hangout for the day. you always had a major crush on nikki, he was the quiet and chilled out one all the time. you digged that in men and having a thing for older guys made it worse.

you're only 17 about to turn 18 so you know that you might never have a chance. you had a belly shirt with no bra on and some really short shorts as you made your way downstairs. they all watched you walk down as you blushed and tucked your hair behind your ears. you had seen nikkis face drop when you came in the room and you weren't sure what that was about.

you heard tommy mutter," when did she get those?" you really loved the fact he noticed that you grew tits but you knew that your dad would murder tommy and nikki if he found out they were talking about it. you stood on your tiptoes and grabbed a cup as you turned to see nikki. your breath hitched and your heart dropped as you muttered," hey."

he nodded his head a little as he reached over you and grabbed a cup. you were almost face to face as he brushed your arm a little. you gulped as you stuttered," umm so what are you guys doing?" you tried to lean against the counter to make your body look wonderful as he checked you out, trying not to make it noticeable. "um...we're just u-uh talking about tour," he stuttered as you nodded.

you knew that he had courtney and you didn't want to get mixed up in that but nikki was irresistible. he rubbed the back of his neck as he pointed towards the door and said," I'm gonna go back.. in there." you nodded with a smile as he walked off, you felt like your heart was going to explode.

that man did something to you but he didn't actually so you were upset about that and knew it had to change. it was hot outside so today you decided that you wanted to go swimming in the giant pool your father put in.

as you went upstairs you seen nikki watch you walk up as you felt your stomach seize up. being around him made you nervous, in a good way. you constantly thought about him grabbing you and pushing you against the wall while showing you how love is supposed to be made. however, you're a virgin and you don't think nikki would have sex with someone who doesn't know what she's doing.

you get into your room to pick out a bathing suit and eventually end up wearing this :

you get into your room to pick out a bathing suit and eventually end up wearing this :

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you checked yourself in the mirror and it fit you in all the right places. you knew that if nikki saw it that he couldn't help but look. you grabbed your phone, sunglasses, tanning lotion, and a coke from your mini fridge as you made your way down the stairs.

you walked into the living room where they all were as you seen all the boys stop what they were doing to check you out. tommy sputtered and went back to looking at his magazine as vince pretended to look around the room. nikki, however, was still in a trance as you snap your fingers and stated," my dad." nikki jerked up as he turned to see mick stagger in the room.

"dad, I'm gonna go swim for awhile if you don't care," you say sweetly as mick nods. "yeah it's fine," he muttered as he made his way to the couch. "you guys can join soon if you want," you exclaim to the rest of the boys as mick shoots a glare at you. "no they'll be just okay in here where they can't go to jail," mick spat towards them noticing them drooling over you. "okay whatever," you mutter as you sashay your way out of the back door.

once you got outside you let out a little evil chuckle as you turned slightly to see nikki still watching. you slowly slid off the cover up you had on and let it fall down your shoulders. you swayed your hips while walking and before you got into the pool you turned towards the sun and ran your hands through your hair. you could see nikki kind of lay his hands over his crotch trying to make it not completely obvious that he was on hard.

you chuckle as you grab your tanning lotion and rub it on your body. at this point all three of them were peaking every chance they got except when mick grouched at them. you heard him yell about 500 times as you laid out in the sun. you played some machine gun kelly as you mouthed the words.

you heard the door slide open as you seen mick walking towards you. you slowly sat up as he huffed," i don't want you flaunting yourself around in front of those animals okay?" your dad was mick mars after all. you knew just how protective he was over you.

"i promise that's not how it is dad," you say quietly knowing you were lying. you never liked lying to your dad but you didn't want him to be disgusted with you either which is what would happen if you told him about your feelings towards nikki. he nods suspiciously and says," okay, have fun kid." he staggers his way inside as you get a text from your friend mackenna. you've been friends with mackenna ever since elementary school.


{ hey my mom said that I could come over after I do my homework }

{ okay girl, see you when you get here 🖤}

end of messages

you loved having mackenna here with you. ever since your dads girlfriend left it's been just you and him here. mackenna tried to get her mom to go out with mick but she said that her mom already had her little flings.

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