pt 2." no one has to know " : nikki

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mackenna finally got there as she laid down in the chair next to yours and said," nikki asked about you in there." you sat up and smacked her arm lightly and exclaimed," wait, no way, what did he say?" she sat up giggling and squealed," he asked if you would meet up with him before he leaves later on to talk." you both squealed as you gave each other a hug, you helped her put on her tan lotion as you both laid back down. you listened to looks that kill as you both hummed the tune.

shortly after, you heard the back door slide open as the 4 of them came outside. your legs tensed up as nikki sat on the other side of the pool in front of you. watching you from afar, he leaned his glasses down a little bit to see you better. mackenna giggled and said," wanna go swimming now ?" you gulped and nodded as you both got up and slowly walked to the pool. all in the name of.. eventually came on as they all looked at you ( ifykyk)

mackenna laughed as you both slowly made your way into the pool. tommy jumped in front of you before you got all the way in as a wave of cold water enveloped your body. "tommy you bastard, I'm gonna kill you," you screamed trying feel for him since your eyes were closed.

"now i see where you're related to mick," vince says matter of factly as you rub your eyes and flip him off. you went fully underwater and came back up as you smoothed your hair back. the boys were staring at you again besides tommy because he was distracted by a leaf in the pool.

"some things never change," you mutter to yourself with a chuckle. talking about the boys and how they would be doing the same thing if they were younger. you walk out of the pool as you feel nikkis stare burning into your body. "man she looks like a supermodel," nikki muttered to vince as he nodded. "yeah but shit like sleeping with her is really illegal now. you can't get away with stuff like that anymore," vince says as he sips his beer. you lay down in the sun again and close your eyes as you put your sunglasses on.

~ time skip ~

it was finally getting closer to nighttime as tommy and vince had already left while nikki was still waiting for courtney to pick him up. you were about two chairs away from nikki as mackenna went to take a shower. "hey, did you have fun today?" nikki asked trying to start a conversation. "don't talk to me like that please, it makes me feel like a child," you say blankly. coming from him talking to you like that was like adult talking to child.

"well what am i supposed to say?" he said holding his hands up. you slowly got up and went over to him as you slowly climbed into his lap and straddled him. "how about what you're gonna do to me," you whisper sexily as you felt his body twitch a little. you felt him getting hard underneath you as he gulped. "don't be scared nikki, it's okay," you say shushing him like a baby as you slowly start grinding on him a bit.

his hard on pressing right on your core, which was soaking wet. you could see the hunger grow in his eyes as he muttered," y/n we can't do this." you whined and whispered,"please daddy," as you gave him the "innocent look" and still continued grinding on him. he sighed and gripped your waist as he muttered," you brought this on yourself."

he picked you up and flipped you over on your back as he spat," now tell me what you want me to do with you princess." "i want you to fück me," you whined as he pressed his crotch harder onto yours. he started rubbing it through his pants as he slowly unzipped them and it sprung out. you were so scared of the length but you knew he would treat you like a queen.

he trailed his finger down your body as he stopped at your core and growled," damn you're already wet baby." you swallowed the spit in your mouth as he gripped it and stuck it in slowly. "nikki I'm a virgin," you squeak as he chuckles and nods a little. "i figured, since you're a little young," he mutters as you winced in pain. he shushed you and assured you it would only hurt for a second.

"fuck you're so tight," he breathed out as he started pumping a little slowly. a small whimper escaped your mouth as you could see how bad he wants to just rough it with you. "faster...," you moan as you grip the railing of the chair. he smirks and starts going super fast, leaving you a moaning mess as you already feel a knot feeling in your stomach. "cum for me baby," he mutters under his breath as you release all over the lawn chair. he got down on his knees and licked you clean as he grumbled," now it's my turn to cum and i want you to do it for me."

you had only gave head once before this situation, so you didn't know if you were good or not but you would try your best since it was for nikki. you got on your knees and grabbed all your hair out of your face as he took the bundle of hair into his own hands.

your dad had gone to the store and mackenna was going to sleep after she got out of the shower so you didn't have to worry about anyone finding out.

you licked the tip as you licked from the bottom to the top of it and slid the whole thing in your mouth. he face fucked you until your were gasping for air because of how much he didn't hold back. "you're so pretty under me angel," he groans as he strokes your hair and throws his head back.

he came all over your face and chest as you cleaned it all off. you licked some off your fingers as he watched you in awe. he picked you up, wrapping your legs around his waist as he pressed you against the fence and made out with you. your heart was racing as you felt like you were going to throw up. your mouths separated as you breathed out," what if my dad finds out."

nikki chuckled and said," no one has to know. that's what makes this situation a hundred times hotter, the fact we could get caught." you blush as the moonlight hits his face just right, making him look young again which turned you on even more. you dived right into another kiss as you heard a car pull up.

you hurry up and get down out of nikkis clutch and jump in the pool. you noticed that your bottoms were still off as you motioned for nikki to throw them to you. he did and mick walked in a second later muttering," fucking dumb ass cashier wants to be a smart ass then that's just fine," as he slams the gate behind him. "hey dad," you say cheerfully as he waves and throws you your monster you told him to get.

you felt your face get hot as you seen nikkis pants were still unzipped. you made a big commotion as mick handed him his chips. mick turned his head as you ushered for him to come closer. "guess what dad, i was watching this video where this guys FLY WAS OPEN and he DIDN'T KNOW," you emphasized the hidden message, obviously trying to tell nikki his pants were undone.

nikki looked down as his eyes went wide and he quickly zipped them up and looked around. mick chuckled as he said," those are always funny. i remember one time that tommys fly was open almost the entire time at this award show we went to and it was hilarious. you could probably find a video of it somewhere if you looked." you laughed as you got out and gave him a kiss on the cheek then sweetly said," goodnight dad."

mick nodded and said," goodnight kiddo." you turned towards nikki after walking past mick and blew him a kiss. after grabbing your stuff your flip flops squeaked on the tile as made your way inside. you didn't hear any showers running so that meant that mackenna was out. you made it to the bottom of the steps and ran the rest of the way up once you were out of sight.

you barged into the room as you squealed," I JUST DID IT WITH NIKKI." mackenna jumped up with an evil grin and screamed," OH MY GOD YOU ARE SO LUCKY." you guys both jumped up and down in excitement as she grabbed your arm and exclaimed," you have to tell me like every detail about it." you laughed and spent the whole night explaining it and making up scenarios with mackenna as you both eventually fell asleep.

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