picnic : tommy lee

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it was tommys day off from meeting up with the band as he came to visit you at work. you worked at an office where they would make you wear professional, librarian type uniforms. sometimes they were cute but sometimes you just hated dressing up like that. you liked cutting loose and having fun instead of looking uptight all the time.

you were tapping away on your keyboard as you sat in your outfit for the day, sweating your ass off :

you were tapping away on your keyboard as you sat in your outfit for the day, sweating your ass off :

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it was cute but it was way too hot for some office. tommy walked past your desk handing you a paper after saying," mrs. lee, these are for you," in an old man voice. you thought it was one of your colleagues because you had too many to keep track of as you thanked him and went back to work.

he chuckled and snuck back then jumped on you as he wrapped his arms around your neck. you gasped and jumped up as the top of your head hit the bottom of his chin. which made everyone turn their head as you apologized and stood up giggling. "what are you doing here babe?" you whispered in shock as you jumped on him, enforcing a hug.

he kissed your forehead after and said," i came to visit my beautiful wife which by the way is really turning me on with this whole sexy librarian look." he smirked as you smacked his chest and said," well usually when you come to pick me up you take me somewhere after so where is it gonna be today?" you looked at him with your doe eyes as you stuck out your bottom lip.

he rubbed the back of his head and said," well i didn't really plan it. IM KIDDING yes i did now follow me and I'll show you." you shook your head and said," can't. still have about 30 minutes left of work." you shrugged as he snapped his finger and muttered," damn it."

you thought of what he could do to be kept occupied as you said," there's a chair over there, go grab it and bring it over here so you can sit with me." he ran like a child to get the chair as he looked dazed and confused about where you were. once he found you, that little smile of his showed and he ran towards you. he sat his chair next to yours as you explained how your job works.

he looked fascinated for a guy who doesn't like being bored or stuff that's boring. he looked excited when you would print things and he would check out the coffee machine while you typed forever. he loved it there but you knew good and well that he would never change his way of life to be there.

~ time skip ~

a while goes by and it's time for you to get off work as you and tommy walk hand in hand out of the door. he opens the car door for you as he smacks your ass on the way in. "what a gentleman," you chuckle as he bows with a little smile. "i know right," he winks at you as he shuts the door and runs to his side. he slides into the car and kickstarts it as you zoom out of the parking lot.

"so nascar, where are we going now?" you ask while batting your eyelashes. he smiles at you and states," first off, you're really beautiful. second off, we're going on a picnic." you smack his arm playfully and squeal," no way. I've been asking you forever babe, awee." he smiles again as you give him a kiss and look for the basket of food.

you find it with a little lace tied around the handles and a card that read," dear y/n, you are the most beautiful woman i have ever seen in my whole life. so this picnic is a way of saying thank you for putting up with my crazy self all these years." a happy tear rolled down your face as tommy wiped it off and whined," oh don't cry babe."

once you got to the park you guys hugged and made out for awhile. you stepped out of the car barefoot because your heels had been killing you all day. you felt the grass between your toes and you stopped and smelled the fresh air. tommy held the basket as he grabbed your hand and dragged you to run along with him. you both put your arms out like little planes as you ran around like little bees flying.

once you sit down you notice some ducks walking around. "oh my goodness, look at the little duckies," you squeal as tommy laughs. "hey, what would happen if i went up and tried to grab one?" he whispered as if the ducks could hear him. "well unless you wanna go to the hospital after they peck your damn eye out then I'd advise you to not pick them up at all," you laugh as you brush your hair out of your face. "I'm gonna do it," he says confidently as he slowly gets up and walks towards them.

you laugh as you watch him dive for one but they all flew away before he got the chance as he thudded to the ground. you laughed as you got up and jogged over to him. "help me, i need a sexy office worker lady to save me," he joked softly as he held his hand over his forehead. he looked like the ladies from the old movies as you chuckled and kneeled next to him.

you kissed him as he jumped up and swept you up off the ground. he ran back to the blanket as you guys fell over onto it and rolled around. eventually you guys sat up and started eating as you saw the sun setting above the water. it was the most beautiful thing you'd ever seen.

"what do you think your boss thinks of you?" tommy eyed you with a smirk as he nudged your shoulder. you scoff and coo," well it doesn't matter babe, i have you." tommy shakes his head with a chuckle as he whispered," don't be trying to sweet talk me little girl." you smirk as you brush his soft hair out of his eyes and cup his face. his soft, endearing eyes reeled you in as the sun hit them and made them look like pools of honey. you gave him a peck on the nose as you admired his face some more.

"stop before i do you right here in the park," he chuckled as he turned towards the sunset. you giggle a little as you stand up and hold your arms up towards the sun. you eventually motioned for him to grab your hand as he sighed with a smile and stood up too.

you started running as his body jerked behind you. "slow down hooligan," he gushed as he caught up and stopped in front of you. you didn't stop in time so you plowed right into tommys abdomen as you both toppled to the ground. you were both laughing so hard you had tears in your eyes as you clutched your stomach.

"ahh it's hurts. stop making me laugh," you gasp at your stomach started aching from laughing. tommy laid his hand on your waist as you both calmed down and looked at each other again.

you stared into each other's eyes as the sun fully set and the streetlights clicked on. you packed up the stuff and went home as you and tommy sat in the driveway for awhile. you talked about random things as you admired him the whole night.

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