Chapter Four

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Jessica's pov

When i arrived home the first thing i saw were my angels playing with their nanny. Christian saw me first then he ran over to me.


Hey baby how was your day i asked as i kissed his cheeks he blushed and mumbled

      "Pwease don't kwss my chweeks I'm not a bawby". I couldn't help but laugh he says he's not a baby but talks like that then my princess christiana came over, i carried the both of them and placed them on my hips. I said goodbye to martha their nanny who was already leaving.
Babies what do you guys wanna eat?
"Pizza mowma" they both replied
As i was busy making the pizza i received a text from an unknown number most definitely Nicolas he's been texting begging me for a second chance one which he'll never get.

~. 1 hour later.~ ∆ in spongebobs voice∆😂😂😂
     The kids had already eaten and were busy watching spongebob ( who else loves spongebob I'm obsessed with it 🤭❤️). Then the doorbell rang i went over to answer it and then i saw Nicolas

What are you doing here and how did you know where i live. The idiot just smirked and said i have my ways so where are my angels?!

   Kids someone's here to see you. They already knew Nicolas was their dad i always showed them photos of him when the both of us were still together. I even searched for new photos of him (and no I'm not stalking him 😒) and showed it to them so they could easily recognize him whenever he decided to show up to be apart of their lives. Christiana was the first to see him she screamed dada once christian heard that he also rushed forward to see Nicolas. The scene in front of me made me quite emotional i never taught I'd see this day. Since he didn't believe me when i told him i was pregnant back then. The twins both had the same hair colour as him none of them got my black hair but christian had my eyes.

~. 30 minutes later.~

Kids time for bed!
   I came over to pick them up from where they lay on Nicolas chest i gave them 30 minutes to bond he can come anytime he wants to see them i don't mind, i don't want my kids to lack a father figure in their lives. After i put my angels to bed i went downstairs to meet Nicolas

Okay the kids are already asleep it's time for you to leave Nicolas. The idiot didn't even move he just sat there staring at me and then the drama began.


So what do you think about this chapter?.
Sorry for the cliff hanger guys 😂😂


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