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A/n: I know it has been more than a week since I've updated and I am so sorry for not doing so, I had a lot of assignments :(. However, Thank you for more than 1.5k views <3!!! I appreciate you all!! Here is part 16. (Also, sorry if this bad, promise the next one will be better!) 

Y/n's POV:

It is Friday morning and I'm currently on my way to the airport. I already went to the hospital to tell B/F/N that I was leaving and she wished me good luck. I am so grateful that Jin and Namjoon would look after her while I was gone. After 15 min or so I arrived at the airport and went to check-in. After, I went to the boarding area and saw Jimin standing outside waiting. I walked towards him and he smiled. He said good morning and we both walked to the waiting area. We sat there and waited. Then we were allowed to board the plane. Both of our seats were near the front and right next to each other. I looked at my phone and noticed that I had received many messages.

JK: Good morning y/n have a safe flight!:)

Yoongi: Be careful have a nice flight.

Taehyung: Hi, y/n, have a great flight!

Hoseok: Have a wonderful flight! We will miss you!!

I smiled at the messages and quickly replied and turned it off. Then the plane took off. It would be around a 10+-hour flight. I was about to put my earbuds on when Jimin stopped me from doing so. "Sorry, I just wanted to get to know you better, I've only talked to you once or twice and this is going to be a long trip," he said. I nodded and soon began to talk about myself and why I was coming back to my country in the first place. We talked for about 3 to 5 hours and then decided to rest before arriving. The plane arrived and since the time zone is different it is barely morning. We got off the plane and decided to grab a hotel room nearby. We got two different rooms and decided to leave our luggage. After we left our belongings, I told Jimin, "We should go to my family's restaurant, my mom is most likely going to open soon." I said. He nodded and we took a taxi to the restaurant which was about 15 minutes away. We arrived at the restaurant and my mother was just about to open up. I quickly paid the man and got out to stop her. "Mom!" she turned around and smiled. "Y/N!!! What are you doing here?!" she said and had tears going down her face. "Mom, B/F/N told me everything," I said and her smile faded. "Mom... I think we should sell the restaurant. and You should come live with me in Seoul." I said. "What? Are you crazy?...." she said and shook her head. "Mom, you know dad would've agreed with me when I say that it's the right and only option," I said and she stayed quiet. She looked at her restaurant. "Alright, but let's have one last meal," she said. I nodded and she smiled back at me and looked at Jimin. "Whose this y/n?" she asked. "This is Dr. Park Jimin. He works at the same hospital as I do," I said. "Nice to meet you Mrs. L/N," Jimin said as he hugged my mom. "Please join us, Jimin." she said and Jimin said, "I would love to, thank you."

After our meal, We went to the bank and sell the restaurant. Then we went to go pay my mother's medical bills. After we went to get my mother's things at my stepdad's house. Finally, we had dinner and went to the hotel room. Ready to leave the next morning.

end of Y/n's POV:

Meanwhile back in Seoul.........

Third-person P.O.V.:

Taehyung was going on about his day. However, he couldn't stop thinking about how things were going with y/n. He was thinking about how she was doing. As he was finishing up a chart, Jungkook came up next to him. "Hey, how's it going?" Jungkook said. "Pretty good,..." Taehyung said. "Have you heard anything from Y/n?" Jungkook said. "No, have you?" Taehyung asked as he was about to open up a new chart. "No... and I don't want to bother her," Jungkook said as he looked at his phone. Taehyung peeked over and saw the contact for y/n. It said Y/N <3. He felt a pain in his chest. He was jealous. As he was about to say something a lady asked for help. "Please, help, my son, he's..." was all she said before she fainted. Taehyung caught her and checked for a pulse. It was light but they needed to get to work right away. As for Jungkook, he turned around a saw a little boy who also looked ill. "Hey, Are you alright?" Jungkook asked and the boy shook his head no. Jungkook noticed he was bleeding. Then saw he had a huge cut on his head. But, he was holding his stomach and limped when he walked. "Is it okay if I take you to a room, and help you?" he asked since he didn't know how the kid felt. He nodded and asked for help from the interns and the nurses.

A couple of hours later, Both had just gotten into surgery. The mother was suffering from internal bleeding and 2 broken ribs. The son had minor injuries by had some stomach issues. After 3 hours, the son was out of surgery and the son was recovering. Then 2 hours later, the mother was also out of surgery. Taehyung made his way to the ICU and saw Jungkook filling out a chart. "Hey, have figured out what happened?" he asked. "Yeah, The child said that the mother and he were playing at the park and some stranger attacked the mother and tried to take away the child from her. Both managed to escape and tried to get help but no one helped them," he said. "When the mother wakes up I'll ask if she wants to file a police report and we will go from there," Taehyung said. Jungkook nodded. Both checked their phone and noticed they both got a message from y/n.

Y/N: Hey! We got everything done and ready to go. Just need to board the plane in a couple of hours. See you later :)!

Both smiled and blushed and then put away their Phone. Then continued to work.

end of third-person POV:


Next day

My mother, Jimin, and I went to get breakfast and then headed to the airport. We then waited to board the plane. Once boarded, My mother sat by the window, I sat in the middle, and Jimin sat next to me. I looked at my mother and she smiled. "Ready?" I asked. "Ready," she said as she smiled at me. The plane took off and we were on our way back to Seoul.

end of 16

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