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Yn's P.O.V
My eyes widen at his straightforwardness and stern tone of voice, I take a step back and bow respectively then say softly;

"No, of course not. I promise. Your Appa was kind enough to give me this job and help me out.. and for that, I'm eternally grateful."

I stand up again and lock eyes with Taehyung then look at Taeyung with a warm smile, hoping that my words with get me on his good side and thankfully they do.

Taeyung smiles and nods approvingly, "Appa, she's good. Miss Yn doesn't lie."

"How do you know that she doesn't lie? She might be lying to you to steal all Appa's money.." Taehyung said questioning his son and I had to hold in a giggle at his son adorable face scrunch up as he thought for a moment before saying,

"I can tell, Miss Yn means what she says."

Taeyung gives me a big smile causing me to smile back but then he asks shyly,
"Can I hold your hand.. please?"

I hesitantly look at Taehyung first for permission and after he nods approvingly, I smile and nodded at Taeyung, who smiles back as he waddles over me and takes my hand in his,

"Her hands are soft Appa."

I give Taehyung a puzzled look, who only shrugs and chuckles as he says softly,
"Baby bear, now remember what we talked about this morning?"

Taeyung takes his eyes off of me and nods as he looked at his dad's expression,
"Yes Appa... I'm sorry for my comment Miss Yn."

He bows apologizely at me which causes me to laugh as I say, "You don't need to say sorry Taeyung, you did nothing wrong. Your Appa just a party pooper." I smirked and looked at Taehyung who shakes his head at me as he said,

"Alright now before I forget, here's the key to our house. You may go into the living room, the dining room, the kitchen, the laundry room, the bathroom, and Taeyung's bedroom, but that's it. Do you understand?" I nodded and bowed then took the house key from his hand.

"I understand Mr. Kim.. um... do you want me to take Taeyung home now?" I asked and he shook his head,
"No, Taeyung is normally allowed to stay with me for 2 hours in my office but... since I have a pile of paperwork to sign and a meeting to get too today, I'd like for you to stay with him while I work."

I nodded and looked down at Taeyung, "What do you think Taeyung? Does that sound like a good idea?" I asked and he scrunched up his face again in thought then he asked softly;

"Can we eat in the big room?"

"The big room?" I asked as I looked at Taehyung who smiled and explained,
"The big room is what he calls the staff room, it's normally locked during work days but I make an exception for my baby bear. Here."

He finished saying and held a ring of keys in his hands, then he explained,

"I don't normally give any of my Secretaries the keys to the building but.. since my baby bear says that your honest, I trust that you'll give these back to me at the end of my work shift AND that you won't lose them... how do you feel about that baby? Should Appa give Miss Yn the keys to the building?"

Taeyung looked at me seriously then smiled happily and nodded, "Yes Appa, don't worry! I'll make sure that Miss Yn doesn't lose them."

Taehyung smiled at his son and gave me the ring of the many keys to the building, I bowed respectfully and said softly, "I promise I'll return your keys to you when you ask for them Mr. Kim. Thank you for trusting me."

I smiled as Taehyung bowed back at me and said,
"Keep an eye on her Taeyung."

I smiled as Taeyung nodded at that as I said, "Thank you again, alright Taeyung.. should we go to the big room now?" He nods and I smile as we start leaving Taehyung's office but Taeyung suddenly stops and says,

"Appa, Miss Yn still has to meet Uncle Kookie."

"You're right buddy, I'll call him in and you guys can all go to the big room together and afterwars you can go around the building with Uncle Kookie and Miss Yn since she's new here." Taehyung said as he quickly as he picks up his phone.

"Okay Appa!" Taeyung said softly and I smiled at him, he was so cute but without thinking I must've said that out loud because Taeyung said,
"Thank you Miss Yn! You're really pretty too!"

I smiled and was about to thank him when we hear a knock at the door, "Come in." Taehyung says while putting his phone back in his pocket and 3 men walk into the office.

Taehyung's P.O.V
I smiled as I see Yoongi, Hoseok and Namjoon walk into my office with coffee cups in their hands, "Here Tae--"

"Uncle Hobi, Uncle Yoonie, Uncle Joojoo!" Taeyung cries out loudly in excitement as he runs over to us and I laugh as his cute outburst and watch him as he's picked up by Hoseok but that soon turns into a fight as Yoongi also wanted to hold him and so did Namjoon."

"As the oldest, I should hug him first, give him to me Hoseok!"
"No, Taeyungie loves me more right buddy?"
"Oh come on, quit hogging him Hoseok, I haven't seen him in forever."

"A-Appa.." Taeyung whimpered immediately feeling overwhelmed by the whole situation and I glared at all 3 of my Hyungs as I instinctively take Taeyung away from Hoseok and immediately hold him in my arms while patting his back.

He cries softly as he wraps his little arms around my neck and buries his face into the crook of my neck, I glare at the 3 who merely look at the floor then Yoongi points at Hoseok and says accusatory,

"Hoseok started it."

"Hey--" Hoseok started to say hut I cut him off and said sternly,


They all nodded and when Taeyung calmed down, I put him down again and one by one they all came and greeted Taeyung properly then he walked back to where Yn was.

"Oh yeah and this is for you. Is your break almost over yet?" Hoseok asked as he hands me a cup of coffee and Yoongi cuts in, "Because we still need to talk about.. project KTY7."

I start choking on my coffee and Namjoon immediately pats my back, trying to help but I put my hand up signaling for him to stop as I calmed down.

"I-I forgot about that. Listen.."  I paused as I looked at Taeyung and Yn who were still in the room, "Baby bear.." I softly cooed and Taeyung smiled as he ran towards me and raised his arms up, I smiled and picked him up.

"Alright buddy, so I want you to my eyes and ears for the day okay?" I asked and he gave me a cute smile as he nods, I kiss his cheek gently and nuzzle my face close to his before putting him down to be with Yn again,

"Alright now don't forget what Appa said." I said softly and he nodded, "Taeyung be eyes and ears for Appa, got it!"

"Baby bear.. uncle Kookie should be outside taking with Uncle Chimmy. Why don't go say hello." I suggested and Taeyung nods as he run out of my office dragging Yn with him.

I laughed at him and as soon Yn and Taeyung left my office, I sat down in my chair and groaned, this caused the boys to look at me worriedly and Hoseok asked,

"What's wrong Tae?"

"Should I have hired her so early?"

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