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Narrator's P.O.V
The 3 boys looked at each other before looking back at Taehyung then Namjoon carefully asked,

"What do you mean by.. "too early" ?"

"I... I just hired her. She came in yesterday and I just--"

"Wait, wait.. hold on. So.. you just met this girl-- what yesterday? and you just decided to hire her?" Hoseok asked in disbelief.

Taehyung nodded and all the boys shook their heads as they sat down on the couch inside his office, "Tae.. I think-" Namjoon started to say but was cut off by Yoongi,

"Don't be stupid Taehyung, you already went through this once... you're just making the same mistake again."

Taehyung nodded but then frowned as he say softly,
"And what do I tell Taeyungie? He already seems to trust her."

"He's just a kid, kids can trust who ever they want--"

"Actually, your wrong Yoongi Hyung. Kids trust whoever the parent feels comfortable around. Plus they are innocent minded."

"Whatever, so what did you do that got Taeyung to trust her more?" Yoongi asked and Taehyung shrugged as he quickly said,

"I don't know.. I mean.. I gave her the keys to the building--"

"YOU DID WHAT?!" All 3 boys screamed unison then Yoongi groaned,

"Like I said before.. you're making the same stupid mistake-"

"Seriously! You don't even trust US with the keys-" Hoseok complains causing Taehyung to scoff as he says;

"I WOULD trust you guys if you were more responsible--"

"We're responsible--" Namjoon says defensively,

"You call nearly burning down dad's building responsible?! I nearly lost my life and his business defending you guys!"

All 3 boys looked at each other before bowing their heads down in embarrassment,

"Well you should be happy he's dead--"

"YOONGI--" Namjoon and Hoseok shouted but were quickly cut off by Taehyung,

"No.. Yoongi has a point. Dad was a drunk." He said coldly then scoffed,

"Now let's get back to business, for real this time.. did you guys get the items I asked for?"

Yn's P.O.V
"And this is the big room!" Jimin said cheerfully as he and Taeyung ran inside, I chuckled as I watched them, "So.. you're Taehyung's new Secretary?" Jungkook asked and I nodded,

"Yeah, I was surprised that I got the job so quick." I admitted shyly,

Suddenly the door opened revealing another employee, "Miss Lee, this is Daniel he works with Jimin and I in the--"

"Hello there, so your the newbie everyone's been talking about.. you look--"

"Miss Yn is Appa's new Secretary."

I heard Taeyung say behind me and Daniel bowed at him then bowed at me as he said,
"My apologies, although.. how did you get to become his Secretary... so quickly?"

"What do you mean?" I asked genuinely curious and Daniel crosses his arms as he says,

"I mean... most women that Taehyung hires are first introduced to the entire staff in a staff meeting.. then showed around the building. Unless.. you're relationship with Mr. Kim is.. different."

I notice that Daniel looks at Taeyung as he states the last part of his sentence.. and before I could even answer, Jimin says in low voice;

"Unless you don't want to get fired for your assumptions about Miss Yn.. I'd suggest you shut up before I report you to Mr. Kim."

Thankfully he covered Taeyung's ears, good I didn't want him hearing any of that,

"What did Mr. Daniel say?!" Taeyung shouts as he looks around at all of us and Jimin chuckles as he removes his hands from Taeyung's ears.

Daniel quickly bows at us before leaving the room, I turned towards Taeyung and smiled,

"It was nothing Taeyung, Daniel was just telling me about how Uncle Kookie almost got fired by your Appa--"

"Hey! Don't tell him-"

I glared back at him and gave him a eye roll then continued,

"Anyways.. what do you want to eat?" I asked and he looks at the floor shyly causing me to look at him worriedly,

"Taeyung? Are you okay?" I asked going down to his level and he buried his face in his hands as he mumbles;

"I want you to call me.. baby bear.. my Appa and Uncles do it."

I frowned as I got up and looked at Jungkook and Jimin but before I could say anything the door swings open and Taehyung walks in with 3 other men behind him,

I immediately bow and so do the others while Taeyung runs to his dad, "Hey! How's my baby doing? You having fun with Miss Yn and your Uncles?" He asked but Taeyung cut him off as he whined,

"Appaa.. I'm not a baby.. I'm baby bear remember?"

As he said that, he points at me then continues,

"I wanted Miss Yn to call me baby bear too because you do it and my uncles d-"


Taehyung's P.O.V

Taeyung's face fell when he heard me say that but I stayed firm as I glared at Yn who looked at me nervously,

"Why would you want her to call you that Taeyung? She's a stranger-"

"Uncle Joojoo told me once that he and the others aren't my real uncles but that I had to call them that." He said pointing at Namjoon who avoided our contact with me as I glared at him.

I sighed and turned my attention back to my son,
"That doesn't answer my question, why do you want Miss Yn to call you baby bear when you don't even know her?"

He looked at me nervously as he said, "B-Because Miss Areum used to call me bab--"

"Never say that woman's name in front of me again."

"B-But Appa--"

"I mean it Taeyung. Never again."

He looked at me sadly before quickly nodding causing me to sigh and I hugged him, after I gently placed him down, I cleared my throat and said,

"Miss Lee, take my son home and give me the keys to the building.... oh and one more thing..

Yoongi I want you to go with them."

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