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Yoongi's P.O.V
After getting that call from Taehyung, I walk over to Yn and Taehyun who were playing together in the sandbox, I gently kneel down and tap Yn's shoulder to get her attention and she turns to look at me with a confused look on her face as she asks,

"Oh, hey Mr. Min. Is something wrong?"

I nod as I mumble, "Mr. Kim called, we need to leave."

She doesn't ask any questions and just nods as she turns around and gets Taeyung's attention,

"Hey Taeyungie, we need to go now okay?" She says sweetly and Taeyung whines,

"Why are we leaving now? We just got here.."

"I know sweetie but your Appa called and he wants us to go home already. Hm.. I'll tell you what.. we can get ice cream on the way home if you want." Yn says softly and Taeyung immediately gets up and grabs her hand,

"Let's go! Let's go!" He says excitedly which makes me and Yn laugh as we get up and walk towards the car.

After we get inside the car, I say in a low tone,

"I'll be going into the office so it'll just be you and Taeyung at the house."

"Oh that's alright... but can we stop by the nearest convince store first?" She asks as I start the car and I nod as I quickly back up out of the parking lot,

"Taeyungie, what's your favorite ice cream fl-"

She pauses mid sentence when she sees Taeyung already passed out in the backseat, she chuckles while I try to hide a smile as I say softly,

"It's Strawberry."

After we get Taeyung's ice cream from the store, I start driving after the light turns green and that's when Taehyung calls me,

"Hey, can you answer that?" I asked Yn as I kept my eyes on the road, "Of course." She says and takes my phone, puts it on speaker and answers the call,


Taehyung's P.O.V

After making sure that everyone was in my office, I called Yoongi,

"He better pick up.." I say impatiently and Jungkook chuckles,
"Hyung, you know Yoongi Hyung is the last person to ever answer-"

"Shh!" I hear Seokjin and Namjoon say as the call was ringing throughout the room, after the 3rd ring, he finally answers,


It was my Secretary.

Surprised, I dropped my phone for the second time in a row and I hear Jimin, Jungkook and Hoseok all trying not to laugh at me as I clumsily try and pick it up,

"Hello? Sir, are you there?"
I hear her asking and as I pick up my phone, I glare at the boys and they immediately remain silent as I say coldly,

"What's my brother doing?"

"He's driving?.. He's the one that told me to answer this call Sir, you're on speaker so you can talk to him-"

"Wait, what about Taeyung? What is he doing?" I asked worriedly and she chuckles,

"There's no need to worry Sir, Taeyung is asleep in the back seat. Oh and I hope you don't mind Sir.. but I got him some ice cream to eat when we get home-"

"Remember what I said about the house rules." I say quickly and she hums in response,

"Of course Sir, I have them written down in my notes along with the other rules you gave me."

"Okay.. good. Miss Lee, may I speak to my brother-"

"Um.. Sir.. you're on speaker. Mr. Min is currently driving an--"


"Hello? Miss Lee? Hello-"
I groan in frustration as the call hung up,

"I hope they're alright.." Hoseok says nervously as the others nod as they all heard the phone call suddenly cut off.

Yn's P.O.V

"Um.. Sir.. you're on speaker. Mr. Min is currently driving an--"

I stop mid sentence as I feel the car abruptly stop which causes me to drop Yoongi's phone and hold onto the car door as I hear him honking his car's horn a few times as he curses under his breathe,

"Damn kid, won't stop looking at his stupid phone, making me nearly run into him."

He shakes his head in disbelief before quickly turning around to check on Taeyung,

"He's fine, he didn't wake up." I say softly as I get Yoongi's phone from off the floor as he starts driving again towards the next lain as the guy we almost crashed into started driving slow.

"Are you okay?" He asks me after a moment and I nod,

"Yeah, just a little spooked. That was unexpected.." I admit as I start calling Mr. Kim again,

"Yn! What happened?! Are you okay? How is my son?!"

Mr. Kim said in a panic and I heard Yoongi clear his throat as he says sarcastically;

"Yeah, don't worry about the driver. It's not like I'm your OLDER BROTHER or anything, yeah... I'm just THE DRIVER! Who cares about him, right?!"

I hear laughter and 'I love yous' from the other men in the room as Mr. Kim sighs and says,

"I'm sorry Hyung, I just-- l-look what happened?!"

"This dumbass in front of us was using his phone and I nearly ran into him when he suddenly stopped for no reason! Agh, but don't worry about Taeyung, he's asleep and Yn is just fine too. No one's hurt so stop worrying, Listen just let me drop Yn  and Taehyun at the house and I'll be at the office in a few minutes. Bye."

And with that all said, Yoongi signalled for me to hang up and I did and he was right, within a few minutes we were already at Mr. Kim's house.

As I got inside the house with Yoongi who was carrying a sleeping Taeyung, I stayed in the living room and waited for Yoongi to come back. Looking around, I saw a lot of picture frames on the wall, some of what looked like Taehyung and his parents, others that looked like Taehyung with the men that I figured were his brothers but the majority were pictures of him and his son.

I smiled when I saw a picture of what looked like Taehyung and his brothers in high school, they all look really happy together. As I continued to look at the picture framed one shelf with other framed pictures and without realizing, I pick up the framed picture to take a better look at it...

When I hear a harsh voice behind me,

"Put that down, now!"

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