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it was saturday night and you were going out with your friend mandy. you were planning on going to this place called the sunset strip with her to some bar to meet up with her cracked out neighbors. you didn't fall with the crowd of party going rebels, you always wanted to your whole life though. you never had the confidence to do it and you despised yourself for that.

"come on, we gotta be there in about an hour and it takes about 30 minutes to get there from here," mandy yells to you as you put the finishing touches on your hair. you looked into the mirror at your outfit as you rubbed lipstick off your front teeth. your outfit was something mandy helped you pick out because you didn't have the right fashion sense for outings like this :

 your outfit was something mandy helped you pick out because you didn't have the right fashion sense for outings like this :

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you pulled up your top a bit as you sashayed down the steps. mandy eyed you the whole way down as she whistled and beamed," if i was a man I would totally hit that but we gotta gooo so come on." she elongated the 'gooo' as she motioned for you to grab her hand. you reached for her hand as she dragged you down the steps the rest of the way and then out the door.

"we should totally make a bet to see who gets banged first. that's the first step of being a bad girl," mandy winked at you as she put a layer of red on her lips. you chuckled and concluded," yeah and if you also want to end up at the hospital with some disease." she looked at you with her lip pointed out in fake anger and huffed," you mock, i am trying to have a good night whether that is for the both of us is up. to. you."

she poked your chest with a smirk as she pulled your top down a little to expose more cleavage. "and putting me up for eye-fucking sale isn't going to help anything," you say matter of factly as she chuckles. she giggles a little as she sprays her white rain on and hits the steering wheel. "hell yess, who's ready for the night of their lives. i know you aren't but I AM," she beamed as she happy danced in her seat.

the night was alive and mandy was trying to lighten the mood as she rolled her window down and you guys rolled off. the smell of outside was like a fresh new uplifting thing. you loved the smells of the world such as grass and trees. summertime was your favorite scent, mandy always called you weird for saying that even though it makes sense to you. you stick your arm out of the window and whoop like a cop car as you and mandy sing out your windows.

"Dy? do you know how i keep saying i want to be this rebel chick who likes the rock n roll and a bunch of other cool stuff," you question as mandy nods. "well i need your help if i want to find a one nightstand tonight," you whined as she laughed and patted your shoulder.

"do NOT worry your pretty little head, momma mandy has got you," she beamed as she parked on the side of the road near the bar. "rule number one to being a badass woman. DO NOT let a man outsmart you or tell you what to do," she said pointing to her finger that was pointed out.

"rule number two, DO NOT give it to just anyone. make them impress you and make them beg for you. either literally or just figuratively speaking," she emphasized on the 'do not' as she waved her hand. "last but not least, rule number three. HAVE A GOOD TIME AND HAVE CONFIDENCE," she screamed as you jumped in your seat.

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