"shut up blondie" : nikki and vince

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* another one where they are older *

you had just woken up to the sound of birds chirping outside of your room. your mom was going out of town so that meant she was going to drop you off at one of her friends houses. you're 18th birthday was last week and motley crue was there so you had an idea about who it was. it was gonna be vince or nikki. your mom had a thing with tommy a long time ago so she didn't want it to be weird if he hit on you or something.

you thought nikki and vince were really cute, tommy was too but he banged your mom and that wouldn't be right. "did nikki volunteer to watch me?" you ask your mom as she finishes packing her bag in her room. "yeah and he said that vince was staying there too until his house gets fixed. so you'll be staying with nikki, vince, and ruby," she stated as she zipped up her bag.

ruby was the cutest kid ever and you knew that nikki and courtney weren't really on good terms so they weren't together together so you knew your chance had come. you got your clothes ready for a long weekend with nikki and vince. you didn't want both of them to bang you, but you wanted to get at least one of them too. you grabbed your sunglasses and put your hair in a loose ponytail as you helped your mom with her bags to the car.

you slung your backpack on your arm as you sprinted down the stairs with one of your moms suitcases. you got everything packed up as you made your way to nikkis house, which was about 20 minutes from yours. you always used to go over there after school so he could watch you and you noticed that he was always checking you out and shit.

vince, however, he was more on the joking fun uncle side so you didn't really want him as much. you pulled into the driveway as your mom rolled down the window and screamed into the speaker at the gate," WE'RE HERE SIXX YOU SLEAZY BÏTCH."

you giggled as you heard nikki scream back," COME IN CUNT!" they all played around with each other and joked like crazy every chance they got. they were like long lost cousins or siblings except when tommy and your mom almost got married back in '89. you chuckle to yourself as your mom lets you out and gushes," be good babe and don't give nik or vinnie a hard time."

you chuckle and say," i won't, i won't now go have fun and be safe you hooligan." you both chuckled as she kissed your cheek and you shut the door behind you.

"i knew i heard some pretty girls," vince joked as he opened the door and waved to your mom. you giggle as you walk past him into the giant house. you hear ruby's show playing as you turn the corner and see her clapping and cheering on the couch swing.

you sit next to her and tickle her sides as you coo," hey beautiful!" she babbles and laughs as you give her a kiss on the head. "hey ruby your daddy is in the bathroom," vince joked looking at you then ruby.

vince knew about your little crush on nikki, he just didn't know how bad it was. nikki eventually came down the steps and his eyes got really wide once he saw you were there. you stood up and walked towards him as you gave him a hug and muttered," hey sixx." he nodded at you and then turned to vince and said," can you go show ruby her playhouse i just built her?" he nodded and didn't think much of it as he took her hand and led her up the stairs.

nikki pulled you aside once they were out of sight and he whispered," one rule here okay? it's do not walk around in any revealing clothes because i know that's what you'll do to try and get me to crack and I'm just warning you because i will."

you giggled with a blush as you traced your finger on his chest and whispered," we'll just see about that." he sighed as he grabbed your wrist and pressed you against the wall and whispered," god i could fuck the shit out of you right now."

you gulped as he slowly let go and pointed his finger at you then stated," now I'm serious. don't test me." you laugh as you put your arms up in surrender and walk past him. "so if we could, say, actually be alone for one day this week. what would we do?" you ask curiously as he stops to think.

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