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It had been months since you and the other female cubs of the pride had left for intensive hunting training. It had been a Pridelands tradition for generations to separate the cubs until teen-hood, for them to tirelessly work at a singular skill that would cement their role in the pride. For the females it was learning to hunt, care for cubs, and how to patrol the borders of the land. For males it was learning how to spar with the other males, how to care for a pride in general, and how to patrol the borders of the land as well. The last one was taught when both groups joined up again.

You weren't the best at hunting in your group, not by far. That title went to Sarafina, who made sure everyone else knew she was the best. She had become a little more tolerable from when you were all cubs, but the gloating made you want to leave and never come back. 

Sarabi was still the mother-hen of sorts between you and Sarafina, shutting down arguments before they even happened. She just wanted you both to get along, and you did too; god those fights were annoying. She had good leadership capabilities and knew which lionesses to put together in a hunting party that would result in the least conflicts.

You had grown too, not just physically but emotionally as well. You were taller than Sarafina, but still shorter than Sarabi, who was one of the tallest teens in the group. You were curious how tall she'd get once she reached adulthood. You had grown out of your big cub-ears, and were the best tracker out the group.

"Are you excited to head back home?" Sarabi pulls you out of your thoughts, walking up beside you. "I wonder how all the boys are doing? What do you think they look like now?"

You shrug, shaking your head a tad, "No idea. Taka and Mufasa are probably as muscular as their mother though."

Sarabi looks down at the grass and blushes. "You should ask him out before he finds a mate, you'd both be good together."

She nods solemnly, "Yeah, I should. I'm just nervous in case he only sees me as a friend."

"Well, once you both get together make sure to give him a kick in the butt and get him to treat his brother better!" You laugh, Sarabi snickering along.

"Girls!" One of the adult lionesses calls, causing you and your friend to turn, "C'mon, we're heading back now!"

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