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"Well, I am not going anywhere now

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"Well, I am not going anywhere now. We can watch the movie you were talking about." Ethan pulled back, took my hand in his, and started me pulling me towards my room.

"Aren't you forward?" I said, teasing him.

"I don't see you complaining, Reed." He smirked, looking back at me.

"Yeah, well...." I trailed off, knowing I didn't have an answer to that because I am definitely not complaining.

"Okay, you settle down. I'll go change and be back in a minute. This dress is not ideal for a movie night." I said, pulling at the hem of my dress, looking around my room for anything that's not supposed to be on display.

Thankfully, we got dressed in Riley's room tonight, so there is no mess in my room. Also, it's not Ethan's first time in my room.

But it's his first time alone, my subconscious reminded.

"That dress is gorgeous." Ethan complimented me as I turned towards my closet to take out something comfortable to wear.

"Just the dress?" I poked further, already knowing what he meant.

"No, not just the dress." Looking over my shoulder, I watched him checking me out. My smirk got wider when his trailing eyes caught mine.

Ha! Caught you.

It would be a lie if I said that I haven't been checking him out ever since we got over that fight. He was wearing well-fitted black jeans with a very thin black shirt and an oversized black jacket. If temptation had a face, it would be Ethan Knight.

"I'll go change. You can switch on the tv. I already logged Netflix in." I informed him and went inside the bathroom to change. Peeling off the dress, I changed into white shorts and an oversized white t-shirt. I almost completed my skincare when I heard Ethan call my name.

Instead of calling back, I simply opened the door of my bathroom to hear him properly.

"What do you wanna watch?" I heard him ask.

"Whatever. I don't mind."

"What about Fast and Furious?"

"No. Watched it too many times."

"Hunger games?"


"Mission Impossible?"


"Okay, no one says no to Iron man!"

"Oh, I watched it a few weeks back, so no!"

"You literally said 'Whatever. I don't mind.' Reed." Ethan groaned, falling back on my bed.

"Yeah, but it doesn't actually mean that I don't mind." I said, sitting beside him on my bed.

"Okay, so what about....... Harry Potter?" He said jokingly, with a funny grin on his face.

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