20. 𝕬𝖐𝖎𝖙𝖔

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20 - God is a women ᴀ

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20 - God is a women ᴀ. ɢʀᴀɴᴅᴇ

"Are you ready for the tv special Kisa?"

"Hmm. But we were supposed to watch it with Momiji..."

"I can go look for him?"

The kids nod as you get up from the couch. You start to head up the stairs looking around.

You overheard Momiji's voice behind a wall. He was talking to someone, just the two of them.

"Kyo, you're of the hook. No trip to the annex tomorrow?"

"Nope." It was in fact Kyo the boy was talking to.

"That's great! Is that wrong to say? Sorry.."

"At first it didn't make sense why you would get up and leave y/n and Tohru. But if it looked like you guys were choosing them over Akito; it would only make things worse."

"I feel bad. Making memories with Tohru and y/n when Akito could take it all away in a second. It's selfish; making memories with them. Loving them."

"I guess I'm selfish too." Kyo mumbled so only he could hear.

"Huh?" Momoiji asked.

"Nothing. Hey, aren't you supposed to watch something with Kisa-"

"Momiji, Kyo!" You run to them acting as if you heard nothing.

"Y/n!" Momiji whined running over to you. "Kyo said he'd beat me up if I don't give him all my money!"

You let out a fake gasp. "Don't worry Momiji I'll protect you!" You said as he wraps his arms around you.

"Tch. You really believe that weirdo?" Kyo said, walking past you paying your head.

Momiji gets off you running down stairs to watch the show. You follow behind him eventually making it down stairs, taking a seat next to Kyo.

The movie was soon over and you were with Tohru, just talking in her room. After some time talking you both went downstairs to get some fresh air. What you didn't expect is who you'd see.

You were on your way down the steps when you heard some yelling. It was a voice you've never heard before yet, you got the most awful feeling.

The duo rush out the door with Tohru in the front. "Please let him go!" Tohru yelled as soon as she saw the scene in front of her.

It was Akito. They were holding Momiji by his caller. Momiji had a bruise on his face you assumed Akito gave him.

"What was that?" Akito throws Momiji to the ground turning towards us. "It sounded like you were giving me orders. Rude." They looked from Tohru to you. When looking at you their eyes soften up a bit. The glare was filled with hate like it was for Tohru.

They grabbed Tohru's face with a large force. Making sure Tohru couldn't look anywhere but them. "Tohru Honda. You must think you saved Yuki and Kyo. Scum. When Kyo graduates high school; he'll be locked up. Forever."

Akito must have taken note of your sudden change. They walked over to you staring at you up and down not saying a word. A small smile appeared on their face as they graced your face with delicacy.

For someone with such a rough manner, they had the lights touch when it came to you. "Y/n." They spoke. "My, you are pretty. To pretty too be with that monster. I'd love to have you for myself. What do you say?" Akito got extremely close to you. Your noses were almost touching. It's like they wanted to kiss you.

They did want to kiss you. And so much more.

Akito went in to fully lock lips with you but you turned your head just in time. Instead of kissing you on the lips it was the cheek.

"Akito! That's enough!" Hatori said, pulling Akito away. Shigure was there too. The men lead Akito away leaving the traumatized girls.

Inside the house the boys were watching. All of it. Haru had to hold Kyo make while Yuki watched in silence. "There it's over. Akito' gone." Haru tried to calm Kyo down.

"While I stood by doing nothing. Pathetic." Kyo stormed off his room filled with anger. He was disgusted with himself and couldn't imagine how you felt.

"Yay! The rain is all gone! Firework time!"

"It's not dark yet."

"So what! I cant wait any longer!"

Everyone was on the beach as Momiji took the lead. No one said anything about last night. No one wanted to. When you got to your room that night you went straight to the bathroom. You took another shower, as soon as you got out and dressed; you washed your face. I've and over again. You ended up scrubbing your check so much you gave it a cut

"Come one. Are we going to do it or not?" Kyo asked, walking ahead of the group.

"Yup I have the perfect one to start with!"

Momiji gets the fireworks all set up then starts to count down. They all crowd around waiting for the starting fireworks to go of.


When it goes off, it was very disappointing. The firework didn't even make it off the ground. It gave of a small pop sound and that was it.

"That's it..?" You asked, turning your head slightly.

"It's not bad. Definitely worth seeing once."


20th chapter! Happy ending :)

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