Chapter 33- a fun adventure

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Willow held her hand against her cheek, "You fucking bitch"

A crowd of people gathered around the drama waiting for some other action to be taken.

Apollo leaned against the wall behind him, "This is bringing back flashbacks", he mumbled.

Ember turned to him, "This has happened before?", she whispered.

He shrugged, "Something very similar to this"

Willow stared daggers at Ginny while Ginny simply smiled cheekily back. Willow still hadn't made a move back and it made Ginny feel superior.

Ember leaned closer towards Apollo, "They've hit one another before?"

"You and Willow actually attacked one another in the Room of Requirement that one night. And another time Willow and her nasty Slytherin friends tried to jump you or some shit and your friends came to beat their asses. Long story short, Ginny ended up beating the literal crap out of Young. I still wish I could've witnessed it", he whispered.

Before Ember could ask any more questions, Fred came pushing through the still forming crowd with a look of pure rage on his face.

"What's going on?", he asked to anyone who would answer.

Willow poked out her bottom lip slightly and grabbed onto Fred's shirt, "Your sister slapped me Freddiebear. Do something!"

Fred stared down at Willow with an expression of disgust. After a couple moments of processing, he turned to his sister. "Did you actually slap her Gin?"

Ginny flashed her shiny teeth at her brother, "Happily, yes"

He let out a small laugh and pushed Willow off of him, "This is why I claim you as my sister"

Ginny smirked, "It was the least I could do"

"Are you serious?? All I did was tell the bitch who lost her memory the truth! No one else was gonna tell her. I actually was the one doing some good", Willow yelled.

Fred flared his nostrils and curled his hands into tight fists. In the corner of his eye he seen Ember staring at him, waiting for him to do something. He relaxed his hands and took a deep breath.

Before Ginny could swing her hand upwards to hit Willow again Harry stepped out from the crowd and pulled Ginny towards him.

"Alright everyone, get out! If you're not in Gryffindor please go to your house! Party's over!", yelled Fred.

Several people sighed and moaned in disappointment but moved along and through the portrait hole. After a couple minutes the room only had a handful of occupants.

Lee ran up to Fred with sunglasses on, colorful necklaces around his neck, glitter on his face and no shirt on. "What the fuck mate! I was just about to get laid!"

Fred instantly laughed at his friend, "What the hell happened to you?"

"Lavender", Lee shrugged.

Fred cringed, "Makes sense. Wait. You were about to hook up with Lavender?"

Lee twisted his lips and scratched his head, "Don't judge me right now. You just ended the party. What the hell. You're a dirty baboon for that!"

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