Chapter 6

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Liv's POV

She shot me a look that I couldn't quietly pinpoint, then she just nodded and left the room without uttering a word.

Just great, when I thought my day was getting better

I laid back in the bed staring at the oddly bright light above my head, I was about to doze off when a knock sounded at the door.

Huh why would they knock

Pushing the thoughts at the back of my head I told the person to "Come in"

A tall figure suddenly emerged from behind the door and then I realized it was Armad.

I sit up in the bed and he came over to me and handed me some material that looked like clothes. "Miss Sinclair ordered me to give you these clothes to put on and there is a bathroom across the hall if you want to shower." He said before making his way towards the door.

"Hey Armad" I said stopping him in his tracks and watched as he looked over his shoulder at me.

"Yes mam?" He asked turning to me fully. I just smiled

"Thank you"

"It was my piacere (pleasure)" He said leaving the room with. I'm just gonna assume that meant pleasure.

I looked down at the clothes he gave to me and started to examine them. It was a floor length skirt with a slit all the way to thighs.

Theirs no way I'm wearing. THAT!!

Liv's outfit ⬇️

I laid back in the bed thinking about all the events that actually led up to me being in this room with my "long lost cousin

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I laid back in the bed thinking about all the events that actually led up to me being in this room with my "long lost cousin."

I burst out laughing after remembering the look on the B's face when I spilled all their little secrets. Not gonna lie they did deserve all that, I wonder what dads gonna tell Chloe and Jason when they ask if what I said was actually true. Pfft what am I kidding he's probably gonna tell them it's not and make up some fake story.

He'd do anything, and when I say anything I mean anything. Just to protect his 'perfect' image and happy media life, what a bum.

I snapped out of my thoughts and started to wonder around the room, and to tell you this room was big was a misunderstanding because it was HUGE. I went back over to the bed I was in earlier and looked beside it to see a little grey colored night stand with a white canvased picture standing firmly on it.

Curiously I took up the photo to see a petite looking girl and a man that looked oddly familiar but I decided to brush it off. Who are they?


I've been waiting for about TWO FRICKING HOURS now. What the hell is taking her so long my bum hurts.

just as I said that the door creaked open. Well finally!.

But to my disappointment it wasn't Angel but in fact some tall muscular guy with black shaggy hair and the most dullest hazel eyes I have ever seen. He even looked around my age.

"Boss said to put on those clothes and come downstairs right now, I will be waiting outside until you finish" He said blankly turning and leaving to wait outside. Wow not even a hi.

I looked back down to the clothes I placed on my bed earlier and just shrugged and got up, ready to walk out the room, "put on the clothes kid boss doesn't have all day you know"

I started to scan the room rapidly then my eyes landed on the camera and I then saw a tiny lapel microphone sticking out from the edge. I rolled my eyes and turned back around ready to strip out of my clothes when I remembered the camera was still in the room.

What a pervert. I dragged the silk covers from the bed and made my way over to the camera, I made sure to give the person watching the recording a little wave before throwing it over the camera. I rolled my eyes again stripping from my clothes and putting on the clothes Armad gave to me.

I looked at myself in the glass situated in the room and did a 360. ugh the wrapped bruise is showing, whatever.

I made my way back over to the door to see the guy from earlier waiting by the door as he said he would. He turned around once he heard the door opening and he looked me up from head to toes and the I saw his eyes stop at the bruise. this again, ugh stupid cut. He made a surprised look and just started walking.

I started to follow him admiring the art on the walls as we made our way down the long hallway. We finally made our way to a elevator in the middle of the hallway. An elevator this place can't be that huge.

He buzzed the elevator in and stepped aside to let me enter, he then entered but he didn't stay he just pushed a button with '2' on it and stepped out.

The elevator started to go down and after a minute it finally stopped and when I stepped out I saw Armad waiting in front of the elevator, He gave me and little nod and then looked at my foot then motioned for me to follow him.

I started following him until we were in a large dining area with atleast 20 more persons around the table. I gulped when they looked at me , some were men and some were women. Armad pointed out a empty seat for me to sit at and I made my way over to the seat while I saw him get into a chair himself.

I then saw Angel approaching in a red basic floral dress, she looked over to me and gave me a small smile and I just smiled back. She sat down at the head of the table which was right beside my chair.

As she sat she immediately started to talk, "you all might be wondering why I called this dinner meeting at this time" everyone around the table nodded and I jus looked around blankly wondering why I'm even here.

"Well before we start I would like to introduce you all to my little cousin Livia, and I want EACH and EVERYONE of you to treat her like how you do to me" everyone around the table started nodding and introducing themselves one by one.

"Good but before we start Livia I would like to introduce you to someone special, FATHER!" She called over her shoulder.

I raised my eyebrow, Didn't her father die five years ago in a crash?

"Ah hello nice to finally meet the famous-" I heard a voice too familiar but the ,an stopped talking when we finally made eye contact, I froze. How could he be- hat's going on?

"Well if it isn't bunny, what a pleasure to finally see you again"


Who do you think Livia saw?

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