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Leaving the airport we had no trouble locating the car in the parking garage, not only was it easily spotted as it was an abnormally large car with a pink cargo trailer on the back, but it was as if the car was under a bright spotlight. Somehow I knew it housed the rest of my soulmates and I think Jin did too because he immediately walked in the direction of it when we came through the doors.

For every step I took towards the car I could feel my excitement increasing. Sure I had seen them just a day ago, but it felt as it if had been years and I felt almost desperate to be able to lay my eyes on them again, touch them, know within me that I am close to them. This exact feeling of longing to be with all my soulmates was something I hoped never left me because the satisfaction and excitement of seeing them after a break was beyond mentally stimulating.

In my excited state I almost grabbed Jin's hand to control myself, but right before I let my fingers find the warmth of his skin I recalled the surprise of how my touch removed his emotional connection to the others and how he had not liked it. I retrieved my hand, mentally sighing at the slight disappointment.

He looked down to me from my side, probably noticing the change in my mood. I gave him a controlled smile back, determined not to show how much my mind was churning about the issue at hand. He looked between us, at our hands that were almost brushing against each other, key word; almost. I kept my gaze on them too, making sure my hand swayed somewhat naturally looking while doing my best not to touch him. It caught me off guard when his hand suddenly lifted and he slowly and carefully wrapped his long fingers around mine, the feeling of his skin a warming pulse through my body.

"I don't fear your touch" He said quietly and squeezed my hand in his, and I looked down, almost embarrassed to meet his eyes after I had let this become the most worrisome problem of this moment.

He stopped in his steps and brought our gathered hands up to rest on his chest, forcing me to look up at him in the change of movement. He smiled down at me and I had to tilt my face up to see his entire face because I was standing so close. He leaned down and without me even processing what was happening his lips rested in a kiss on my forehead before he hugged my body to his comfortably. It all happened in less than two seconds and our hands were now trapped between our bodies but I wouldn't have it any other way.

"It's a new sensation, but not a bad one. Don't ever think I don't want you to touch me" His voice came out breathy and almost seductive.

"I'm excited to get to know all parts of you, and nothing coming from you could ever hurt me"

I smiled into where my face was hugged into his chest and he giggled sweetly into my ear. I liked Jin a lot I realised. More than I knew, more than I thought possible after knowing someone for such a short period of time.

I didn't get much time to think more about it though because like a wrecking ball we were almost knocked over by a human frame running towards us at max speed, colliding into our sides in a big embrace.

I recognised the feeling of him even without seeing him, Jungkook had attacked our sides in a hard hitting hug, his arms grasping desperately around us as if he was trying to make them longer so they would wrap all the way around.

"I missed you I missed you I missed you I missed you" He chanted into the fabric of Jin's shirt and we both laughed at the desperate yet caring gesture.

Turning towards him our hands let go of each other and we hugged him back, me ending up comfortably in between the two men.

"Yah, JK I told you to stay in the damn car" We heard a voice shout from a distance. Taehyung.

I crawled my way out of the tight hug and spotted the beautiful man sitting in the car with the door open, my eyes spotted his and butterflies erupted in my stomach as I ran towards him. The smile appearing on his face when he saw me was enough to make my day brighter and when my body collided with his knocking us over into the car seat we both broke down laughing, the sheer joy of seeing each other overwhelming.

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