Chapter Five

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Jessica's pov

Hey get up are you deaf or something i asked. He was just sitting staring at the wall then later he smirked. Such a creep what did i ever even see in him

"But you love him"

Shut it brain. See he's making me crazy I'm busy talking to myself.

He got up and started walking towards the door but then something unexpected happened he just fainted

Oh My God!!!

Nicolas pov

Oh no! jessie wants to kick me out how will i be able to execute my plan then. But then i got an idea which made me smirk. I stood up and walked towards the door and then pretended to faint. I heard jessie scream my name i kinda felt bad for lying to her but i knew if i played my cards right this will bring us back together well not this alone, this is step one actually.

My love you will be mine again.


Sorry guys if this chapter is a little short but it's kind of a filler. So what do you think Nicolas plans on doing to get Jessica back.



Stephanie 🤭❤️

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