✿Chapter 1: Decisions✿

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Six months had passed since the day Rapunzel had come back to Corona. Your parents had become more lenient. You were now allowed to visit the town around the palace, as long as you had a battalion of guards with you. You hated the fact that you had to have so many guards, but you were still happy to be able to go outside.

Today was an important day. It was the beginning of Rapunzel's coronation to finally become a princess.

Rapunzel and Eugene had just traveled to the walls of Corona, you had requested to go with them but your father said that you were to stay in the town. He was still super strict on where you were allowed to go.

You let out a sigh, resting your elbows on the balcony's railing. Looking down at the town, you saw everyone putting up decorations. Sure... you were happy, your long-lost sister had come back and now she is officially becoming a princess. But you still felt trapped. All you wanted to do was be free to walk around and visit with people without having twenty guards on your tail.

You walked out to the hallway, heading for Rapunzel's room, wanting to help her get ready if Cassandra let you. On the way there you walked past Eugene's room, the door was open and you spotted him down on one knee with a small box in his hands. You gasped and hid behind the wall so he couldn't see you.

He was going to propose to Rapunzel! Making sure he didn't see you, you waited a couple of seconds before walking past and towards Rapunzel's room. You had to contain yourself, you didn't want to spill to Rapunzel that Eugene was going to propose. You walked into her room, seeing her talking to herself in the mirror. She looked sad.

"Hey, Raps. Are you okay?" You spoke, walking and standing next to her.

She glanced up at you, "Yeah I'm fine..." She shook her head, "Ohh, you know I can't keep a secret. No, I'm not okay." She stepped over to her window and opened it, walking out onto her balcony, "I just- there is so much to do. I just want to get out there and see the world." She wrapped her arms around herself, "After being cooped up in a tower for eighteen years I just want... freedom."

You nodded, knowing how she felt. 'I feel so bad, me being held in the castle is nothing like what she experienced.' 

"Don't worry Rapunzel, you will do great!" You paused, trying to find the words to make her feel better, "It's only been six months, I'm sure that soon enough you will be able to get out there and travel the world."

She turned to you, a small smile on her face before embracing you in a hug, "Thanks (Y/N)." Once you two pulled away you nodded, sending her a small wave before walking back into her room.

"You've got this girl!" You said, sending her a thumbs up.


The trumpets sounded, you looked over at your mom and dad who were standing quietly, looking towards the gates. You mimicked their actions, trying your best to seem "regal". Rapunzel stood in front of the three of you, Pascal on her shoulder. Cassandra was standing behind you, you were unsure why exactly she was here but you assumed that it had something to do with being Rapunzel's lady in waiting.

You watched as Rapunzel glanced over to the small crowd to your left and wave. A hand peeked over people's heads and you assumed that it was Eugene. Your father cleared his throat, trying to indicate to Rapunzel that now was not the time. Her eyes widened and she pulled her hand down before facing forward and tucking her hands behind her back.

Multiple carriages drove up to the front of the palace.

The announcer spoke, "Your Highness, I present Dame Elizabeth Van Hoskins of Rochester." The door to the carriage opened and an elderly woman stepped out, she slowly walked forward. Rapunzel ran forward, engulfing the woman in a bear hug, you could have sworn that you heard that poor woman's bones break. Everyone around gasped while you tried to hold back a chuckle. You snickered, your mom elbowed you lightly in the side before you regained composure.

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