Chapter 34- fred's dorm

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Warning : SPICE AHEAD ⚠️⚠️




Their lips moved together in a messy but perfect motion that it got addicting and needy.

Fred was finally able to pull himself away after several minutes. He looked down at her and her plump pink lips. "Ember I can't"

She bit down onto her bottom lip and fumbled with her fingers. "Why not?"

He quickly smiled at her, "Because I'm no good for you love", he whispered.

"But I think you are. You've changed. Not totally changed but after I lost my memory you got your shit together. Didn't you?", she asked.

He nodded at her, "I did. I really did, for you. But that doesn't change everything that I did to you"

Ember grabbed onto his arm so he couldn't walk away. "But remember I did things too. I kissed George, you told me. Remember?"

He raised his eyebrows, "Of course I do. I left you because of it. And- And I shouldn't have Em"

"It's okay everyone makes mistakes Fred. I really think we-"

"No Em, you don't get it. I told you all those things and you know what I've done to you but you can't understand the feelings and emotional rollercoasters that I've put you through", he said.

She shook her head trying to make him stay, "But it's okay. I forgive you now. Just let us be happy again"

He grabbed her hands and held them with his own, "I love that you forgive me but if you got your memories back this instant I don't think you'd mean it"

"Fred, please. You make me happy and feel myself again. I can't stay away from you", she muttered.

His eyebrows wrinkled, "I don't think I can stay away from you either. But I have to try. It's for your own good"

Ember tightened her grasp on his hands defiantly, "You aren't going to leave me again"

He loosened her grip on him and cupped her cheeks with his hands. "I'd never leave you again. I'll always be with you, mentally". He kissed her forehead and walked into the rain.

She watched as he slowly made his way into the pouring rain. The pouring rain. She didn't know what she was doing but her feet seemed like they knew where to take her. And they took her straight to him.

She ran straight behind him into the rain that was heavily pouring onto the ground.

"Fred, wait!!"

Fred ran his fingers through his soaking wet hair and turned to look at her. "Get back under there Ember! It's not safe in this storm"

She brushed the soaking strands of hair out her face. "It's not a storm! Just a little rain"

She could see him brush water from his face and then turn back around to continue walking.

Then her vision went once again blurry.

Ember's Flashback

"Watching you kiss George-", his voice broke, "you don't know how much that ripped my heart open! It hurt so bad the way you kissed him and just the way you looked at him!", he shouted. "I know you don't remember but it still hurts"

I took a step closer to him, "I'm sorry Freddie!", I said shakily.

He nodded his head and brushed past me.

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