Chapter 35- the book

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"Fred, hurry up! It's starting to drip down me!", shouted Ember at Fred who was grabbing a towel from the bathroom.

Fred hurriedly ran out the bathroom with just sweatpants on and helped Ember clean herself up.

"Here put this on love", he said handing her his sweater.

She grabbed the sweater and quickly glanced at it before realizing it was the sweater that she wore in the flashback she had of her and him in the rain.

He smiled to himself as he watched her admire the sweater he gave her to put on. "Hurry and put it on Em. Someone could walk in at any time"

She quickly pulled the sweater over her bare body and crossed her arms over her chest. "You didn't cast the charm that locks the door?"

He shook his head, "I like the rush. Don't you?"

She hid her grin not wanting to answer. Of course she liked the damn rush but she didn't feel like admitting it.

She wrinkled her eyebrows the more she thought about it. "Wait you didn't cast any charms over the door?"

Just as Fred began to shake his head, the doorknob turned and the door slowly swung open. In the now open doorway, it revealed none other than George, Lee, Harry and Ron.

George had the biggest smile on his face, practically an ear to ear smile. Lee had a little nasty smug grin on his face. Harry's eyeballs were popping out of his head. And lastly Ron's face was as pale as snow, he looked dead.

Fred's mouth shaped itself into a "O" form while Ember's jaw dropped at the sudden realization.

"How long have you guys been out there?", Fred asked getting off the bed with anger mixed with something else in his expression.

Lee gulped and stepped behind George who still had a stupid smile on his face. "Oh not long", said George.

Fred squinted his eyes at his brother, "You dirty little liar"

Harry pushed his glasses further onto the bridge of his nose. "About 25 minutes"

Fred's eyes expanded rapidly as did his need to kill one of his brothers or friends. "You what??"

Ember slapped her hand against her mouth and hid her face against the pillows. "Kill me now", she mumbled inaudibly.

George clicked his tongue and put his hands up, "Freddie look, we came up early from class and we thought no one was up here and then we heard low moans and-"

"And sooo you just decided that it was a good idea to listen to us having sex outside the door?", yelled Fred.

Lee pointed his finger in the air, "Well mate, when you put it like that it makes us sound like we're creeps"

Ember threw her hands up in the air, "Oh no! You guys are more than creeps!"

Ron gulped as he stared at the floor. A little bit of pigment slowly began to flow back into his face. "Well you guys are freaks"

Ember's eyeballs nearly popped out of her head. She flew off the bed and sprinted towards the group of boys but before she could get close enough they all took off running.

Fred pressed his fingers into his temples and shook his head. "I'm gonna kill em'. I'm gonna kill them all"

A small laugh escaped from Ember's grasp.

"Did you just laugh?", questioned Fred while he tried to hide back a grin.

She shook her head profusely and put on a serious expression. "Of course not Sergeant Weasley"

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