23. 𝖀𝖔𝖙𝖆𝖓𝖎

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23 - Needy ᴀ

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23 - Needy ᴀ. ɢʀᴀɴᴅᴇ

"Uo-Chan! Did you really quit all your jobs?"

"Yup. I'm at a restaurant now." Uohtani was siting on the desk talking to you, Tohru, and Hanijima. It was just us as Kyo went home early and Yuki is finishing up at student council. You just got back not to long ago so you stopped by the classroom.

"But if you change jobs-"

"Yea I know. I can't see him anymore. Its a big change but I felt like I was going crazy. Acting like a love sick puppy." Uohtani sighed.

"Do you have his name?" You asked.

"Oh my bad, did I not tell you? His name is Kureno." Right after she said that you and Tohru make eye contact.

"Like Kureno Sohma..?" 

Uohtani jumps up from her seat and shacks us back and forth questioning us. "You know him?! Talk! Now!"

"We-uh meet him at the Sohma vacation house. It was really quick though." You told her has she stopped shaking you. "He was pretty  chill."

"Nah, wrong guy. He's a total space cadet."

"Maybe we could ask around?" Tohru added in.


And that was that. They didn't listen of course and went to do their research. When you got home you decided to aske Kyo about Kureno. 

"Kureno? Don't really know much. I know he's Akito's assistant. He hasn't talk to me before."

"Oh ok. Thanks." You smiled.

"What's got you asking about Kureno anyways?" He asked. It wasn't in a controlling way. He trusted you, It was more in a 'random question' kinda way.

"Oh um, just wondering I guess..."

"Carful. Don't get yourself into trouble for no reason."

It was the next day, you and Tohru were walking to the estate. Both of you were quite nervous to just show up there. You two told the guys you were going out for a girls day. To get pampered and stuff.

Walking up to the entrance, you weren't looking to where you're going, dumping into someone. You look down to see a small girl on the floor.

"Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry sweetheart!" You helped the girl up.

"That's Momiji's s-" Tohru covered her mouth, cutting herself off. Before you could ask if she knew the girl, the girl herself perked up.

"Momiji...Are you here to see him?"


The Momo (the girl), graded both Tohru and your hand dragging you some place. "I can talk you to him." She started running faster behind the building.

"Through this hole." She started walking in side.

'Isn't this breaking in?' you sweat dropped.

Right through the hole we were in the estate. In front of Momiji's house. the girls could see him. He was playing a violin. He sounded amazing. So elegant.

"Have you ever talked to him?" 

"No. I can't." Momo answered you. "But I-I think he could be my brother can you ask? Please?" Then she left. You were speechless.  She left her one wish in your hands. You don't know the full story but you knew them knowing each other wouldn't end well. 

You walk up to Momiji's door, knocking.

"Tohru, y/n? What are you doing here? Never mind that, come on in." Momiji noticed how quiet the girls were; "What's wrong?"

"The Violin, You play it." Tohru pointed out. 

"I've been slacking of since I started high school. I also had to stop my classes. Momo started taking the same classes. Papa doesn't want to risk it."

"I'm so sorry." You said in a hushed tone looking at the ground. Momiji is so bright all the time. You'd never think he couldn't even see his sister. He has to go out of his way to do things that hurt him. He real missed his family. You could tell.

"Momiji...Momo wants you to be her brother. We walked to her, she listens to you play whenever she can." Tohru said. Momiji was quiet for a moment taking in what she said.

"Really? I cant believe it."

The day went by fast after talking to Momiji. You and Tohru decide to call it a day after, while leaving the state you two almost got ought. Luckily for you Kureno stepped in to hid y'all. You took that time to give him Uotani's number then head home.

"Hey!" Tohru greeted the boys as we walk in.

"Hello, how was your day out?" Yuki ask. 

"Oh- uh great!" 

You head up stairs going to greet your boyfriend who you haven't seen all day. You go to his room walking in, he wasn't there. So the next place you checked was the roof. He was there.

"Hello." You said with a smile taking a seat next to him. 

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