Golden Blessings Pt.1

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| Writer's POV |

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| Writer's POV |

Tsukiko and Rusalka looked at each other before the duo looked at the assemble of stones in the former's hands. They had finally managed to find all the stones that Tsukiko needed and now just had to carry out the process of getting the magic out of the stones. The pair sat on the ground by a small pond that they had found, Rusalka moved towards the pond to rest in her natural habitat as her companion went about breaking the stone. The pink one was the first one they had found and the one that the kitsune planned on break first. She put the others to the ground in front of her and held the pink stone in her right hand. She turned her hand into a first and crushed the stone in her palm. From her closed palm, a small pink glow emitted and out come a trail of pink magic, it flew around the seated girl until it stopped in front of her face. It seemed to almost be looking at her, judging her character. Tsukiko assumed that it was to see if the foreign magic wanted to become tamed and live inside her body. After a moment of doing nothing the pink spark flew to Tsukiko's chest and disappeared into her body. The kitsune smiled for a second and went to grab another stone, this time the purple one. This was the last stone that had been found, but it was the second smallest so it was assumed it would be weaker than the other larger ones. Tsukiko wanted to take this slowly and not just assume that the larger stones would accept her straight away, so starting with the smaller ones was more logical. 

Tsukiko followed the same pattern as before, crushing the stone in her hand and watching as the magic flew out. However, this time it just seemed to sit on the ground and look at her. A faceless ball of pure magic just judging her magical power and abilities. Rusalka watched on in wonder as the purple orb flew closer towards her friend and disappeared much the same as the pink trail. Tsukiko smiled at her friend and seemed to sign in relief, that was half of the stones that accepted her. She was already feeling the boost in her magic and she just hoped that the last two would accept her just the same. 

The next stone that Tsukiko touched was the silver and gold on, this time it started to crack when she touched it. The stone was fragile, but the magic was already starting to seep out of the tiny cracks that had been created. Tsukiko touched it again and watched as it cracked even more, and with one more touch the stone cracked into four different quarters. The magic that sprouted from this stone took the form of a silver and gold fireball. Tsukiko put her hand out to touch the magic and it sat in her palm, looking at her with expectation. Tsukiko started back at the fireball for a second before moving her other hand to it and gently touching the top of the magic. She could feel the heat radiating from the magic from her hands previous position, and touching it burnt her slightly. She did not flinch however, or have any reaction for that matter. This seemed to cause to make the fire nod and the ball disappeared into her open palm. Now there was only one stone left, the strongest out of the bunch. Tsukiko looked at her burnt hand and dipped it into the water quickly to soothe the pain. The cold water was welcomed and she signed as the stinging sensation of the burn started to fade from her hand.

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