Chapter eighteen

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(Washing away writers block with a POV change: Chelsea)

Shutting the door to my car I check my appearance in the side mirror. Perfect. Once certain that nothing is out of place I head into my kingdom.

The past few days for me have been great, the planted rumours of (Y/n) trying to steal my necklace have taken hold of the school, the idiot even ended passing out on Monday, which was satisfying to hear about! And the fact that she didn't show up yesterday made my day even better. The idiots around me went out of control and ended up jumping to the conclusion that she got suspended. It's almost too easy.

I head into school a bright smile on my face.

Sadly my guys haven't arrived at school in the past two days, the only time they showed up was to pick up (Y/n) which annoyed me, but rumour has it Namjoon was nowhere to be seen. He must've ditched her! I can't wait for him to crawl into my arms. Things finally coming together, I look forward to the day they all will fall into my hand.

Just as I thought that I see (Y/n) head into school, that coward as always walks while hiding in the centre of seven. But what shakes me is that as they pass I see Namjoon happily chatting with (Y/n)! It feels like my face has been slapped to the point my cheeks sting, so angry it feels like I might spit up blood.

I thought the world was slowly going back to what it originally was, that my goal was finally possible, but THINGS ALWAYS GO WRONG. It seems for things to finally be right again I need to get rid of (Y/n) for good, I need to get her kicked out of school.

Why do I need to go so far?
One: if she's gone it's only a matter of time before my guys will fall at my feet and worship me like I deserve.
Two: she thinks she can steal attention from me twice? Not on my watch. Out of the goodness of my heart I let her off easy the first time... not this time, I'll make sure she'll never come back here again.

I still remember the day (Y/n) destroyed my world, I was young, innocent... a stunningly beautiful, one of a kind flower, in a delicate greenhouse. A heavenly and gorgeous princess who never left her castle, meant to possess the love of everyone and have her happy ending. I can recall that abysmal day as if it was yesterday.

The day seemed like any other, I was only seven, a pure, good and smart child. Just like always everyone wanted to play with me, and the teachers assistants all adored me. Then (Y/n) was carefully guided in by our teacher, I didn't even notice that she was gone for a week. That drama queen acted like she was made of glass or something, (Y/n)s face was messy and her eyes were puffy, she looked messy and gross, yet she was treated like she was a jewel. Who did she think she was?

The teacher acted like she was a precious and fragile fine china, as she announced to the class that (Y/n) had finally returned after taking a short leave because of her parents passing. I recall being jealous of Stephanie when she bragged about being able to take a day off for a funeral. The teacher continues on telling everyone in class to be extra nice to (Y/n) to play with her lots, and be super understanding.

We all listened and everyone played with her, but I know everyone just like me hated it. At first I was obedient, but as days went on less and less people noticed me, favouring that fake bitch of all people. Everyone played with (Y/n) even though I was better at all the games. The teachers gave her their undivided attention, and even let the monster off when she skipped out on homework, (Y/n) probably did it on purpose to show off to me, she thought it was funny to rub what I lost in my face. Even the teaching assistants were like her hired help. It was all "(Y/n)s soooo brave I don't know how she does it" "(Y/n) is such a good and kind child"
"It's okay (Y/n) you're going through so much!" "(Y/n) is more fun to play with then you!"

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