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I was awoken that early morning by the loud noise that came from downstairs.
It was dark, I couldn't see a thing with the ocean blue circles that gave me vision. My footsteps were quiet as I placed one foot after the other on the ice cold wooden floor as my little six year old body began to shiver in the wooly pink pj's that covered my skin.

I heard them. I heard them bickering again about pointless things, it was a constant battle over power and dominancy. My mothers voice grew loud in volume and my fathers fist banged on the kitchen table. I heard the fruit bowl that my mother decorated with artificial fruits crash, shattering into splinted glass pieces and my eyelids shut itself tightly when the sound had caught my hearing, hiding my blue stained iris's beneath.

"Hey Paisley, what are you doing up it's 3am." I heard a familiar voice call out from beside me as I shifted my head to see him standing there, his tired green eyes searched my face as I stood at the top of the staircase. My brother strolled towards me as he placed his warm arms around me holding me tightly to stop me from shivering. I felt his cheek rest gently on the top of my head as he held me.

"I'm scared Orin." I paused. "Why do they yell at each other all the time, it scares me" My voice trembled as the words left my sanguine lips.

"All people who love each other yell from time to time." said my nine year old brother as his green's stared off into the distance, still gripping me between his arms.

"Can you make it stop."

"I can't, but I can tell you the story of a princess and a huge fire breathing dragon."

The corners of my mouth turned up slowly at his words. I relished in Orin's stories about princesses, it was my favorite.

I could still hear them bellowing but my heart filled with excitement to hear the story my brother would tell. I left his arms and sprinted to his bedroom, my long brown hair swayed at my motion. His bedroom light was on and his car shaped bed was red. I hopped into his bed and climbed under the covers as I laid there comfortably, waiting for him to enter and settle down onto his bed so he could unwrap the story I was dying to hear.

Orin entered his room and sat down in front of me, his grassy green's met my ocean blue's and joy filled his eyes as he saw the excitement in mine.

"Go on then" I said waiting for him to vocalize the magical world that he had created for me.

"Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess named Paisley." I perked up knowing the princess and I had shared a name and I couldn't help but reveal my pearly whites. "she lived in a land made of chocolate, everything was pure sweet tasting chocolate her house, the roads and even the river was a flowing chocolate river." He continued.

"I can't , I'm leaving Peter!" The story got interrupted as we heard moms voice thunder as she stomped her feet up the staircase. I hopped out of Orin's bed and rushed over to find mom, to see if she was okay.

I pushed open her bedroom door with my fingertips to find her packing her things into a suitcase. I watched her from the doorframe as she did so.

"Mom, where are you going to, are you going on a trip?" My eyes lit up at the thought of joining mom on a trip and suddenly the excitement I felt earlier was now intensified.

"Yes Honey, mommy's going on a trip, but I'm going alone. I will be back soon to fetch you and your brother, okay?"

"Okay mommy, I love you." I whispered and then ran up to her and wrapped my dainty arms around her leg.

"I love you too honey." She spoke those words and it was the last words she had said to me. She packed up the rest of her things and bolted downstairs clutching her suitcase in her hand, her hair was a mess and her once perfect make-up was now an utter disaster.

"Anita, why are you doing this? We have children together!" I heard dad's voice squall at her as I watched them helplessly from the top of the staircase.

"I can't live with you anymore Peter, I don't love you." She said lamentably and noticed me standing there with her green eyes glossy as she watched me.

She turned the doorknob and before I knew it, she had disappeared into the cold, windy and dark unknown.
Without a kiss or a proper goodbye.

She never looked back.

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