Chapter Forty

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__Xiao Zhan's POV__

I slowly opened my eyes and found the room is still dark, that means, sun is not up yet. I searched my phone but, couldn't found in darkness. I had a really bad dream. That's why, I woke up by now. Recently I'm having nightmare frequently. It's just not feel good. After searching few moments, I found Yibo's phone. I checked the time, it's 3. Am right now. I placed the phone, where it was.

I'm not feeling well. Because of the night mare. I dreamed about her. It wasn't just a dream, it was a flashback of my childhood. I don't want to cry but, tears were falling, without my knowledge.

Wiping my tears, I turned on right. I felt warm breathing falling on my cheeks. I felt warm. I found myself in Yibo's arm. He is holding me like baby. I smiled. I felt full. Just few minutes ago, I was feeling empty but now, I feel full, full with love, care.

Yibo is the man, who gave me everything, I dreamed about. A perfect life, with a lot of loving people. A mother, brothers, a dads, and a perfect husband. I don't need anything. All my dreams came true because of this man. Now, your dreams are my dreams too. I want to share everything with you, everything.

I remembered, the time we have spent together last day, we were in beach, watching sunset holding each other hands. We had lunch, dinner we did shopping together. You have me best day. You gave me everything, I wanted without even knowing.

I also want to give you my all, you asked me to do study well, I will. I promise. Just for you. I will try hard to do a good result.

I stroke his face softly, making sure, he won't woke up. I don't know how, but I fall in love with you like crazy. I know, you are a perfect man. And, I'm not really perfect, I'm a failure with lot of bad past. I know, I'm not worth you. But, I love you and you makes me complete. You makes me perfect. I'm not like others, who sacrifice their love just because they are not perfect, It's just a foolishness. I'm not going to sacrifice my love because of this, from childhood, I always fight back, I will do my best to make myself perfect. And, I won't leave you. I will be here with you, in your arms forever and ever.

My mind went blank when my hand reached to his lips. My heart is thumping like it's going to blast anytime. I couldn't stop myself, I placed a soft kiss on his lips. Thank God, he didn't wake up. Huh!! *Sigh*. My face is burning, I know it's maybe already turned red. I'm blushing. Smile didn't go from my face. I was smiling. Smiling like an idiot. If Yibo woke up and find me smiling, how would he react? Haha!! I'm sure, he will be super confuse. I love seeing his confuse baby face.

I hide myself in Yibo's chest, he hold me and pulled me more close to him. For a second, I thought he is waking then, I didn't found any moment, he was sleeping peacefully yet pulling me closer. Such a romantic sleepyhead.

I was thinking about Yibo, closing my eyes in his arms. I was feeling his warmness. My eyes went heavy and slowly, I... *Zzzzzzzzz*


__Wang Yibo's POV__

Soft sun rays fall on my face, when I slowly opened my eyes, found Zhan in my arms. He was sleeping like a baby. Too cute to handle. Beautiful. I wonder, how much time God take to make him. His milky white skin, his red cherry lips, his moles. Everything he have is beautiful. His personality, as a human being, he is too much beautiful. Sometimes, I wonder if he is a angel or what.

How a human is so perfect? How? I placed a kiss on his forehead, stroking his silky smooth hair. Making sure, he won't woke up or it will be embarrassing for me. Kissing a sleeping figure it's not fair (Yeah, Zhan also did that little earlier 😂).

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