35: Don't Leave!

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3rd person pov

Everyone came back from the tired hectic journey and was exhausted. All of them straightly went to their respective room and freshened up and fall asleep immediately.

Next morning

Soyun pov

I woke up feeling the sunlight hitting my face. I squinted my eyes and groaned a little. I forgot to close the curtains last night. I tried to sleep again but failed. I gave up at last and started thinking staring at the ceiling when a call interrupted. I jumped off the bed and checked the caller id. It was sana unnie.

A smile crept on my face as i received the call excitedly. But soon, it was replaced by a worried one as i heard her trembling voice
Y-yeobos-seo? Y-yunnie? Yunnie. I-i have something i-important to tell u. P-please come h-here at xxx place. H-hurry up.
She said and cut the call with other giving me a chance to speak.

I felt uneasy about it and really worried. I became scared and a lot of thoughts were coming up in my mind. I quickly changed my dresses and went downstairs.

I saw all of my brothers present there at the dining table. I greeted them with a smile which they gladly returned. I was eating hurriedly and was thinking what it might be to cause sana unnie like this.

My thought were interrupted by jin oppa calling me
Hey strawberry?
Yes oppa?
I replied whilst eating
Are u in a hurry yunnie?
Namjoon oppa asked me as i nodded simply.

Actually i have to meet someone and it's urgent oppa...
I said and again focused on my food.
I was almost done when jin oppa again spoke
Yunnie can we ask u something?
I nodded my head waiting for his question
But he got interrupted by a call coming from his phone.

He excused himself and went away as i remembered about mom and dad.
Umm...oppa? When will mom and dad arrive?
I asked looking at them
We aren't sure...they're supposed to be here by now. Maybe...their delayed....
I nodded once again at hobi oppa's answer and was going to leave when-

BTS pov

We were thinking of asking soyun about her behavior in Hong Kong. Now or never. Let's see what comes out. We saw soyun coming here with her usual bright self but she looked somewhat worried. She was in a hurry. Then jin hyung was going to ask her when a call came and he excused himself from the dining room. We were waiting for him to come when-


We all got startled by the sudden yell and went there to see what happened. We saw his panic stricken face and got afraid as well. Jin hyung doesn't panics easily. It might be something serious. We looked at soyun's direction and saw her getting scared as well.

Author pov

Jin couldn't believe his ears what he just heard. He grabbed the TV remote with his shaky hands and turned on the news channel. But the news they saw made their whole world collapse, they felt their knees getting weak as tears threatened to fall.

Soyun was looking the screen with her glossy eyes. She covered her mouth with her palms preventing herself from bursting out badly. She was going t fall on the hard ground when a hand caught her. Tears kept streaming down her cheeks as she heard the news again and again.

"The privately jet of the biggest CEO of Korea, the owner of Kim Property got blasted in a mysterious way. There was no sign of electronic fault im the plane. Mrs. Kim was taken in the hospital in a critical condition and Mr. Kim has been taken in the Emergency Unit. Police has started their investigation regarding this. Hope this case will be solved soon."

Soyun was still processes what she heard.
L-let's go to the hospital now QUICK!
The elder ordered in a shaky voice as all of them rushed outside. All the way to hospital,  soyun couldn't stop her tears. She just kept mumbling one thing
P-please don't leave me e-eomma. Please don't leave me
Tae and suga kept assuring her as they themselves were fighting to be strong.

All of them rushed to the Emergency Unit as soon they arrived there.
Jungkook screamed in frustration making everyone present there scared.
Please wait a bit sir. We are trying our best-
The doctor was answering but got cut by jimin holding his collar and giving a death glare.
Keep them alive no matter what! If they die we ourselves WILL KILL U!!

He screamed on his face and was breathing heavily. The others tried to calm his anger self down and soyun was sitting in a corner with taehyung sobbing in his embrace. She was mess right now. To her, her mother was everything. She didn't have any other family member left except her mother.

Thinking of her mom leaving her alone in this huge world made her cry more. They were waiting outside the ICU feeling anxious. Everyone's eye became red and they were restless. The doctor came out and all of their attention went towards him.

Without wasting a single second, they rushed towage the doctor who was looking down now.
What happened doc? Is she o-ok now?
Namjoon asked with a trembling voice as the others waited eagerly for his answer.

I-i am sorry for ur lose....we...couldn't save her.....

Everyone present there gasped as soyun broke down more
Soyun screamed as she rushed inside the room.

She saw a figure covered with while blanket.
E-eomma! U said u won't leave me right? U-u e joking right! TELL ME EOMMA! U R JOKING! U CAN'T LEAVE MEE! EOMMAAA! EOMMAAA!!!
She was screaming and shaking her mother's lifeless figure. Her crying echoed in the whole room. Even the boys couldn't hold them back seeing their sister crying like this.

Little did they know that...this is just the beginning.....

End of chapter 35

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Oh mah gawhd! 100 voteesss!! Thank u sooo much guyssss!


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