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Last night was different for me in so many ways

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Last night was different for me in so many ways. First, I slept in a girl's bed and none of us were naked, and second; I stayed the night. I never stay the night. In fact, I make it a point not to but last night, it just kind of happened. One second I was convincing Iris to sleep and the next second I am waking up to a small body cuddled into my chest.

Waking up next to Iris will probably be my highlight of the day. When I woke up, I felt something soft stir next to me. Looking down, I found Iris curled around my chest. She looked so ethereal and peaceful, with the sun casting a glow on her face and on her brown hair. I tried my best to move as little as possible to not wake up the little minx sleeping right next to me.

Right now, she looked like everything; she tried so hard to hide. She looked so innocent, with her lips curling into a small smile, with her arms wrapped around my abdomen. She looked vulnerable with her eyes closed and her long eyelashes resting on her cheekbones. She looked every bit clueless to the cruelty of this world, sleeping like a baby with her knees curled upwards. Iris was all of this, along with being fiercely bold and fearless. She just hid these parts of herself better and all I want to know is why? Why hide such a beautiful part of herself?

I am not dumb enough to think that Iris's life was all rainbow and unicorn before meeting me. Something tells me it was the exact opposite and maybe that's the reason she hides behind her boldness. I want to know about every part that makes Iris Reed. Beautiful, bad, ugly, I want to know it all, but I will never force it out of her. I want her to tell me, and when she does, I'll make sure that I stand beside her every step of the way.

I never wanted a relationship, but looking at the girl sleeping next to me, I can't deny the irresistible urge to make her mine in every way and form. I am ready for a relationship if it means waking up to her beautiful face every morning and ending the day with her in my arms. If having a relationship means that I get to spend more time with her without finding dumb excuses that we both know are lies, then I am ready for it.

Breaking my chains of thoughts, the sleeping beauty started stirring and slowly opened her eyes. I really wanted to say something to dissolve the confused look on her face, but it was too cute to spoil. Slowly realizing everything, she looked up with her doe eyes wide open.

"Good morning." I greeted looking at her with a smile on my face which was becoming more and more difficult to avoid.

"Good morning." She whispered slowly. With the distance that we put between us last night, I half expected her to jolt away from me, so imagine when surprise when she did nothing like that and stayed in the same position.

"You didn't leave last night?" She asked curiously, with a slight smile on her face. That small smile was the only sign that I did not upset her with us sleeping in the same bed.

"I was about to but then I didn't realize when I dozed off." I answered honestly because, to be honest, it's too early in the morning to come up with an excuse.

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