Chapter Six

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Jessica's pov

This stupid ex-husband of mine. Gosh why did he have to faint in my house couldn't he wait till he at least reached the driveway. He is so heavy or is it muscles anyways i don't care what does he expect me to do now. Well there's nothing i can do except this so i removed his shoes then dragged him by the legs towards the sofa he deserves it though

      Even exercising doesn't make me sweat like this. Well i got him to lay on the couch. I went to the kitchen to grab a glass of water i was thinking of pouring it all on his stupid head but i refrained from doing so that would be hilarious but mean so i decided against it so i just sprinkled a little bit of the water to make him regain conciousness. Nick i slapped his face a little to make him wake up. When he looked at me his eyes showed so many emotions but the one which stood out was love the look made me recall an incident which happened while we were still together two years ago

I woke up all alone in the bedroom"again" but I'm used to it though Nicolas is one of the richest billionaires around the world so he has a lot of meetings to attend. That day i was all alone at home the maid already left today was her day off. It kinda sucks being home alone.

          ~ 6 hours later ~

I checked the time Nick would be back soon i better start preparing dinner i made his favourite spaghetti and meatballs with a little salad.  I checked the time it was 7:00pm and Nicolas comes home 7:30pm so i went upstairs to freshen up. When i came downstairs it was already 7:45pm and Nicolas was not still back i shrugged it off he maybe stuck in traffic i sat there waiting for him he arrived 11:59pm almost midnight my poor baby he must be so tired so i rushed over to open the door for him.

"Nick oh my God i missed you" you could see the love and adoration for him in my eyes

"Hmm" was all he gave as a reply. That made me sad didn't he miss me

"Nick what's wrong you arrived pretty late today was it traffic, or did you have an extremely long meeting"

"Leave me woman I'm tired and i want to rest" he said as if he was annoyed standing here beside me

"O..oh...okay I made you your favorite for dinner"

He sighed then said "I'm not hungry gosh leave me alone i just want to sleep."

He left me standing there alone. I couldn't help but break down and cry. I cried for nearly ten minutes but he never came to comfort me but then i reminded myself he's been busy so that's why he's acting all grumpy. I went to put the dinner in the refrigerator i didn't feel like eating anymore so i just went to sleep Nicolas was already asleep his back was facing me i sighed and went to bed.

~flashback ends~

       I looked into his eyes one more time this used to be me but now the tables had turned.

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So is it just me or do you also think Nicolas is a complete ass.




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