10: explosive issues

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"Oi! Wait up!"

You were unaware that someone was talking to you and kept walking until you heard someone running towards you from behind.

You paused as the heavy footsteps reached you and a hand clap your shoulder.

You instinctively grabbed the hand and pulled the person over you and slammed them onto the ground.

Tetsutetsu groaned and rolled over on his side.

"What... what was that for...?" He wheezed out.

"You surprised me." You said simply.

The teen glared up at you while baring his sharp teeth.

"Hey there-"

You then felt another hand clap on your other shoulder and did the same thing to the mystery person you did to Tetsutetsu.

The kid, who you recognized as the red-head from class 1A, also groaned in pain.


"Eh... you???" Tetsutetsu said, ignoring the pain in his spine once seeing the redhead.

"Me?" The other sharp-toothed teen said in confusion.

"What are you doing here, class 1A prick!?" Tetsutetsu said.

Before the redhead could respond, you spoke.

"This is a school yard, Tetsutetsu." You said plainly.

The silver-haired teen put the pieces together and blushed in embarrassment. You crossed your arms and glared down at the two.

"Any reason why you both slapped me on the back?" You said.

"Sorry, Dude, I just wanted to get your attention... I guess I was too rough." The redhead said.

"Same here..." Tetsutetsu agreed.

"stupid was what you were being." You said before walking over the two.


You paused once more, wanting to yell at the moron for being a nuisance and preventing you from heading to your training area.

"My name is Kirishima Eijirou. As you know, I'm from class 1A."
"Yes, I am aware." You said and turned to leave.

"Hold on, Wait up!"

Kirishima started walking next to you and was soon followed by Tetsutetsu.

"What the hell do you want!?" Tetsutetsu demanded.

"You're the one following us." Kirishima replied.

"I'm going to have to stop you both before you start bickering." You said while stopping before turning to glare daggers at the two, who both shut up.

"Why are you both following me." You said.

Tetsutetsu and Kirishima paused and looked at each other with unsure glances before Tetsutetsu responded.

"W-were supposed to train together this afternoon, remember? You agreed to it."

You stared at the silver-haired teen for a couple seconds, putting dread into his stomach.

"...did I really?" You asked.

Tetsutetsu gulped but nodded. You stared at him a couple more seconds before letting out a 'Huh'.

"...okay. And what about you, Hiroshima." You said.

"It's actually... Kirishima..." Kirishima muttered but cleared his throat.

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