Chapter 21

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My heart clenched. It hurt. Just his name made my heart race my palms sweat my breath hitch.

The lump in my throat grew as I felt my vision blur. Thousands of thoughts raced my brain.

Is he dead? Is he alive? Is he okay.

I looked at the doctor but couldn't find the words. I wanted to go with him but I can't bare the news.

If he were hurt, the pain would be too much.

I stood my place, glued to the floor. Wishing it were me who got hurt not them so I wouldn't have to deal with this.

My stomach churned at my selfish thoughts.

Kenz came to my aide and responded with « we're here for him. »

« Follow me please, »

Kenz and I followed the doctor like lost puppies, each step my heart beat faster.

I grabbed onto kenz for whatever support he can give me. We reached the room Greyson was in. The doctor led us inside. Grayson lay there. Breathing.

My tears left my eyes.

My blood covered hands let go of Kenz as I rushed to Greyson's side.

I sobbed, as I held him, the weight of a thousand stars lifted off my chest.

« There has been a sever drop in his glucose level accompanied by stress that resulted in him having a seizure, he is in stable condition now but we need to run a few more tests. He will be up soon. » the doctor told us in a soft relaxed tone and left us alone.

« He is okay he is okay, he's fine, he is okay » kenz repeated to himself.

I watched Greyson, his tossed hair. His eye bags, his slightly parted lips.

I looked at Kenz, his tired body, bloodied clothes, shacking arms.

I examined myself, the same state as both of them.

I let out a breath. I walked to the wall and slid down. All my emotions flowed through me. Yet I felt nothing. A big emptiness for what could have been. A life without them. What a useless void.

« Uh I need to check on Mia, » I said with breaking voice.

« I'll come with you, » Kenz said already walking out the door.

« No, » I spit out « You've done enough, » I looked at him through the corner of my eyes.

He stared back completely lost. « What? » his face crunched in confusion.

« You. hit. her. » I said enunciating every word. His face fell into realization and his gaped mouth shut into a tight line. « My little girl was bleeding, shacking, scared to death. And you hit. her, » I said my voice breaking as I finally remembered what happened.

« I- she's our little girl Everest, » he whispered clutching his heart.

I turned away from him and harshly said, « not anymore. »

I left the room before I saw his face. My blood boiled, we almost lost her because of him. He decided to lose his composure when he is the daddy.  And my little girl had to pay the price.

I went to the front desk. I don't care if she is mid operation. I need to just see how she is.

« I, » I began to speak to the nurse on the table ready to burst if she denies me the right.

« Excuse me, » i was interrupted by the same nurse previously.

I left that front desk not giving the nurse there another glance. Before I even spoke the nurse who interrupted me said, « you're here for Mia? »

« Yes yes please help me please, » I said begging her.

« Come with me, » she said.

As we walked she began to speak, « she's almost out of surgery. She's stable and doing really well given her condition. We will be keeping her sedated, she lost a lot of blood and we need to make sure no other complications arise, you can go wait in the room we'll bring her in shortly, » she said as she parted ways right next to room 403.

I went into that room and circled it. She's okay, I told myself. She's fine, she's perfect.

I must have repeated the same sentence in my head over a hundered times because they brought her in soon.

I looked at her and a tear slipped.

Her neck was wrapped. He hands were connected to many tubes and wires. Her eyes were shut and I can see residue tears around the corners. Her hair was tangled with residue dried up blood clotting in between the strands.

The nurses set her up and shortly after left but not before briefing me on her condition.

They shut the door behind them. I let out another tear and another until they came cascading down my face falling onto her.

« Hey there kitten, » I said barley able to recognize my own voice.

« Youre doing amaz- » the door flew open.

Kenz appeared at the door. His eyes glossy and red stained with tears. He opened his mouth to speak but saw Mia.

He walked over to her and stared at her the same way I did.

« Get away from her, » I said

« Don't speak to me like that »

« Like what? »

« Like a stranger, » now he was fully facing me

« YOU ARE, » I raised my tone, my anger evident.

« I love her the same way you do »

« No you don't, I would never have hit her, »

« I fucking know that, I hate myself for it. I did a mistake but that doesn't mean I love her less, »

« I don't care how you feel, I care about her safety, »

« HEY, You dont tell me what is safe and isn't safe for my little girl, »

« You broke her trust you asshole, it's not about me it's about you, »

« YOU DONT DECIDE FOR HER. I love her , I love grey and I love you,  that won't change, »

« ALL THAT DOESNT MATTER YOU COULD HAVE KILLED HER TODAY! » my throat scratched because of the tone I was using. My head hurt from the energy it took to raise my voice that loud. I felt by body shake with anger.

« DO NOT BLAME ME FOR AN ACCIDENT YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE, » his eyes turned red and the viens on his neck and body were about to burst from under his skin.

«guys? » an all too familiar voice interrupted us.
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