Ritas Interview

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As they approach Draco tells her he is going to go sit down and she is welcome to come or sit with her friends. He was perfectly fine being seen with Elizabeth but the others were a whole different thing.

"Where were you?" Ron asks worriedly, he kinda pushed the fact she was with Draco into the back of his mind.


"Well, it started last night after people began to leave the great hall."

After telling them the story while leaving out most of her fun moments with Draco they continued to eat breakfast. Once Harry came he realized Ron was still angry so he sat down next to Elizabeth who was in front of Ron.

They had a pretty awkward breakfast as Ron and Harry weren't talking but Elizabeth would talk to Harry and occasionally Ron while Hermione switched off as well.

After breakfast they headed off to potions.

In potions Ron and Harry were still not talking to each other as Ron childishly moved his seat away from Harry's. Harry rolled his eyes but didn't react otherwise.

Meanwhile Draco and Elizabeth are having the best time since they finished their assignment.

"Are you serious Lil? They flew a flying muggle transport to collect him from his house?" Draco spoke in disbelief, how could they be so idiotic.

"In there defense Harry's aunt and uncle did put bars on his windows. And when mum found out she threatened to put bars on mine and Ron's window!"

Draco smiled lightly at her childishness, so far he was liking having a younger sister.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door.

"Come in." Snape drawled out.

A small second year came into the classroom.

"Umm... can I borrow Harry Potter please? I've got to take him to a interview."

"After he is done with his assignment."

"She really needs them all now."

Snape glared at the child who was scared out of their mind.

"Fine, Potter you can leave." He says to Harry and cashing him to rush his way out of the classroom while waving bye to Hermione and Elizabeth.

~With Harry~

A woman appears in a puff of smoke. She looks high maintenance and wearing an array of colors.

"What a charismatic quartet. Hello!" She greeted as she turned to the champions.

The four tri-wizard champions are stood together in a group. She walks over to them and shakes each of their hands enthusiastically.

"I'm Rita Skeeter, I write for the daily prophet. But of course you know that don't you. It's you we don't know, you're the news. What quirks lurk beneath those rosy cheeks? what mysteries do the muscles mask? does courage lie beneath those curls? In short, what makes a champion tick. Me, myself and I want to know. Not to mention my rabid readers. So,
who's feeling up to sharing? Mmm?"

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