VII. Mask

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Shortly after Minji fell down, Heeseung rushed to her aid - like a prince in shining armor running to aid the damsel in distress.

"Hey, are you alright?" Heeseung asked Minji. Indeed he was overreacting. He was acting as if Minji had a car crash incident - when in reality she just bumped into someone.

He helped her pick up the books while he was checking her arms and head -searching for any bruises.

Heeseung was worried over the smallest of things - you can really tell how much he cares for her.

Unfortunately, she cannot tell how he feels. She is completely unaware about it - which is good - for Heeseung had a plan to show her just how much he likes her.

"That was a good try though." Jungwon laughed a little bit.

Minji just glared at Jungwon, slightly annoyed that Jungwon is still teasing her.

"Hey! Why didn't you help her? Or at least stop laughing at her would be nice." Heeseung glared at Jungwon.

There was awkward silence across the hallway. All the students including Sunoo and Minji were staring back and forth at Heeseung and Jungwon.

"Isn't that guy a college student?"
"What's he doing here?"
"Are they in a love triangle?"

Students who saw the incident suddenly chit-chatted, gossiping and making guesses on what's happening.

"Umm, I was just teasing her. She's..."

Jungwon looked at Minji, looking for the right term to call her.

"She's sort of my friend??" Jungwon continued.

Minji's eyes sparkled, feeling cheerful after hearing Jungwon say the words she thought he would never say.

"Ha! You just called me your friend!" Minji exclaimed.

"I said sort of. Don't get too ahead of yourself." Jungwon replied.

He gave Minji one of her books which he was holding before leaving the scenario.


"What was that....did Jungwon just say he has a friend?" Sunoo talked to himself.

"Technically he called her 'sort of a friend'." someone behind Sunno suddenly said.

That someone was eating his breakfast - bungeoppang.

"AH!" Sunoo shouted, completely frightened by Niki's sudden appearance.

"YOU LITTLE- DON'T SNEAK UP ON ME LIKE THAT!!" Sunoo shout again as he hit Niki's right arm.

"Sorry hehehe." Niki laughed a little bit before he shifted his focus to Jungwon leaving the hallway.

"But isn't it kind of weird?" Niki told Sunoo

"What is?"

"Just yesterday he didn't seem to want to talk to anyone, not even his school guide Minji."

Sunoo thought about that too after Niki pointed it out. He wondered the same thing.

"And now suddenly he claims that he was teasing Minji??"

Sunoo squinted his eyes, confused on what's going on with Jungwon.

"Maybe something happened between the two of them which we don't know of." Sunoo said.


"Here." Heeseung said as he gently handed Minji her books.

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