Chapter-17|The Game

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Today was the day before the first game of the season

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Today was the day before the first game of the season. The basketball team was bubbling with excitement and they couldn't wait to continue their winning streak, as Noah said, so humbly.

It was also the first match that the cheer squad would cheer for. Being on the cheer squad was not my goal. I didn't even think of cheering when I thought of college, but here I am, on the cheer squad, practicing the last time before tomorrow's match. Fortunately, I have already talked to the coach about leaving the team and she was understanding about the situation. I have offered to stay on the team while they find a replacement but I haven't handed out the official letter yet because of my coach. She wants me to do this event before I give the written notice just so I don't bail, which I wasn't planning on.

Looking over to the other side of the field, I noticed the basketball team making their way towards their cars, chatting amongst each other. Like I knew where he was, my eyes found him in an instant. He was talking to Jace. I couldn't very well see his face, but from his posture, I could tell he wasn't stressed. Not yet, at least.

Just watching Ethan brought back the memories of last night. He was right. Teasing isn't as much fun when you are on the receiving end. Once Ethan walked out, it took me a few minutes moments before I could collect the strength to walk out there and pretend like none of this ever happened. Luckily, I didn't have to because as soon as I stepped out into the living room; I got an apparently emergent call from Riley, making me rush back to the apartment.

The emergency was a hungry stomach attached to Riley Knight. Dani was out with her friend for the night so she couldn't cook dinner for us and we were completely useless in the kitchen, leaving Riley to starve since I already ate with Gray. She didn't think of simply ordering takeout instead of calling me, but I wasn't complaining because she gave me a very valid excuse to get the hell away from the perfect storm that is Ethan Knight.

It was Jessica's voice that brought me back from my thoughts. "Okay girls, looks like we are ready for tomorrow! I'll see you all tomorrow, and don't be late." With that, she got immersed in a conversation with some girls who were waiting for her to finish, just so they could swarm her in questions.

"I am so excited! It's gonna be so much fun." Dani squealed, connecting her arm with mine and dragging me towards the lockers.

"I am excited too but not as much as you." I chuckled, looking at Dani, who was practically glowing. She was really excited about her first cheer event.

"That's true. Come on, change quickly! Riley must be waiting for us." She said, pushing me towards my locker.

Since tomorrow is such a big day for Dani, she wants to be fully prepared. So, in complete Dani fashion, she booked the three of us for a complete salon appointment. There is going to be a hair makeover, nail appointment, and spa involved. It's going to be one hell of a prep day.


After spending almost five hours in the salon, three of us looked absolutely stunning. Dani went for a change and got chocolate brown lowlights in her black hair which looked so pretty on her, whereas Riley, tired of her cream blonde color, went for a beige blonde which suited her just as much if not more.

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