Chapter 19: Not Yet

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"Huh? Are you alright Lucas? Why are you suddenly coughing?" Athanasia dropped the pillow on her hands. She immediately went to Lucas but the young man took steps away from her. "Why...  why are you... Are you blushing?

"B-baby? Make? You...You..." Lucas pointed at her. "How can you ask such questions like that? That's not even appropriate!"

'HUH? I'm just simply asking...' Athanasia thought. "Well, what's wrong with that? It's not like I directly said that what if--"

"S-stop!" Lucas, who is obviously blushing said. 'Damn it! How can she carelessly say that kind of words?'

"Oh, I see. Lucas is still naive." The princess said. Athanasia tried to hide her grin "Perhaps the Lord magician didn't study such things about the human reproductive system. To make a baby you need to--" 


'I'm just teasing him... but his actions...It's not so him. Since when did you act old-fashioned, Lucas?' Athanasia thought while observing his reaction. 'Nothing's wrong about talking baby stuff. As a woman who came from the modern era, this talk should be normal to me' She tried to stop smirking. 

"Enough. What was your question again?" Lucas asked. Trying to compose himself 'Damn it! It's not like I didn't know such things. I don't even care about it! It's just...' Lucas glanced at the golden-haired woman. 'It's just... of all people to ask me that kind of question, why her?' 

"What will happen if my parents will make a baby again?" Athanasia asked. "My mana killed my mom once... What if my future sibling will have such enormous mana as me? What will happen to Mama?"

Lucas cleared his throat before answering her question. "There is a big possibility that it might kill your mom again since the same thing had happened to you. But It's not like your dad will make the same mistake again" 

"Well... You're correct but what if something like that happened again?" 

"Then I'll be in your service. I am willing to eat something tasty for my mana" Lucas replied. 'Tho I think your mana is the tastiest' he thought.  Athanasia frowned when she suddenly remembers Blackie. There's no doubt, he can definitely do that.

'So having a baby brother is possible' Athanasia thought 'It's not like I wanted to have a sibling. I'm just worried about my Mama. who knows if... *Cough! Cough!* nevermind it's my parents business'

"I wonder if something like that will also happen to me" Athanasia unconsciously asks.

Lucas hits the table with his hands "Definitely not!" Lucas shouted. 'Tsk, Do you think I will let such things happen to you?'

"Huh?"Athanasia reacted. "What?"

Lucas ignored her reaction. He grabbed the spoon on Athanasia's plate and ate her chocolate cake. He's trying to change their topic "Hey-- That's my spoon! My chocolates!" 

"Oops, I accidentally ate it" Lucas was about the chocolate cake but Athanasia grabs the pillow and throw it away on Lucas. "Aww... Why are you always doing that?" Lucas rubs his face. Athanasia only snorted at him and ate her chocolate cake.

"Hey, I have an idea" A dangerous smirk appeared on Lucas's face "Since you're so worried about your parents making another baby. Why don't you disturb them?"

"Huh? What are you talking about?" Athanasia asked in horror. But before she could nag the magician. Lucas snapped his fingers and the next thing she knew. She suddenly appeared in front of her mother and father.



"A-Athy?" Diana's eyes went wide when her daughter suddenly appeared in front of her and Claude. She immediately stands up to help Athanasia. "What happened to you?" She asked. Diana chuckled when she realized that it was Lucas who sent Athanasia to her room.

Athanasia remained silent but the shock is visible on her frowning face 'Lucas, You're a Bastard!' She thought. But when she saw her mother chuckling she covered her face. 'This is embarrassing! What if they're really doing that? Lucas, I will really bury you alive! '

"Athy, Won't you greet your Daddy Claude?"

Claude flinched when he heard his name. Soon his eyes went on Athanasia and Diana. His expression became warmer when he saw his daughter looking at him.

Athanasia woke up from her embarrassment. 'Right, Daddy's condition is alright now... Even if Lucas is a bastard. He is doing his best to help me' Athanasia thought while gazing at her father.

"Daddy... " She uttered in silence. Her face brightened up. "DADDY!" Athanasia rushed to run into her father. She immediately hugged Claude as soon as she reached him. "Daddy, can you remember me now? Do you remember me now?" 

Claude hugged his daughter back. "Yes..."

'Daddy, I missed you but can you answer my question longer than a simple 'Yes'?'

"Daddy, are you really alright?"


"Really?" Claude stopped when he noticed something in Athanasia's eyes. "You forgot me."  She said. "You said you can remember me now but why are you like that?"

"Athanasia--" Diana tried to talk but...

"I hate you..." She said. "Daddy is stupid. You're really stupid! Why did you put yourself in danger just to save me? What if you die? You even forgot me! Daddy is really stupid!" Athanasia hugged Claude tighter. "Daddy is stupid"

A moment of silence.

"I did something I shouldn't have done to you" Claude suddenly replied. "But don't call me stupid for doing that for you. I saved you because I wanted you to live" He paused. "Forgive me... I am wrong. So please. Don't show me that crying face again"

Athanasia remained silent as she wiped her tears.

She accidentally glanced at Diana. Athy stepped away from her father as she immediately grabbed her mother's hand. "Athy..! What are you doing," Diana asked in confusion. Even Claude is shocked by his daughter's sudden action.

Athanasia's face became more serious. "I know that mom already explained things to you, Daddy" Athanasia suddenly spoke. "Daddy, if you really want me to forgive you..." Both of the parents suddenly felt the tension in their atmosphere.

'Let's stop the drama, it might affect daddy's emotion.' Athanasia thought. She glanced at Diana and Claude at the same time 'Anyway, having a baby sibling is possible but...'

"Do not seduce my mom. I don't want to have a baby brother..."

"...Not yet" She whispered.


I don't think if this Chapter is good. However, expect that I'll be making some 'trouble' in the next coming chapters. 😌

Anyway, I'm starting to replace how Athanasia address her parents into 'Daddy' and 'Mom'

HOHO~ So, Baby bro is possible. I wonder if Lucas can use his 'eating mana technique' to win (trade for😂)  Claude's favor.

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