Ch.4: Reasoning over Compassion.

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The two children were sitting on the tallest tower of the C City. Looking at the other cities in front of them.

“One day I’ll be living on the S City” the girl says with determination on her voice.

“The highest city” the boy mutters “You have to be an important member of the humanity to live there”

She smiles and nods “I’m going to become a doctor and find the cure of this infection”

He sighs “You really have high expectations”

She laughs and pinches his cheek “Well, it’s either that or being a depressive sloth like you”

He groans and lays down resting his head on her lap “I’m just realist, it’s not my fault that this world sucks”

She smiles caressing his head and playing with his messy black hair “You are right, but that doesn’t mean that we should stay back watching this world burn when we can do something about it, after all, we are the future, right?”

“Too much pressure on my shoulders” he yawns and closes his eyes.

“Don’t you want to make this world suck a little less?”

“My world already suck less with you in here”

“What?” she looks down at her friend but he was already sleeping.

She then laughs and shakes her head while playing with his hair. He wasn’t asleep but he didn’t want to explain himself. He accidently let those words leave his mouth.


703 opens his eyes and when he tries to move he finds himself chained up on his bed. He quickly tries to free himself but a guard walks up next to him glaring him.

“Stay put, you little shit” he raises his fist intending to hit him on the face.

“Guard, sir” a voice interrupts him.

The guard looks at the female doctor “What?”

“703 is my responsibility and I would really appreciate it if you don’t molest him”

“Nurse (L/n), if I don’t—”

“Dr. (L/n)…” she sighs “I haven’t spent years of my life studying human anatomy for you to call me a nurse, sir. Now please leave the cell, I have run the last test on 703”

“I’m sorry… doctor” he walks closer to her “But after the accident, the guards were given the direct order from Dr. Lace to take the doctors and nurses class S to the common room for a emergency meeting”

She sighs and pinches the bridge of her nose “I understand, but I’ll have to ask you to wait for me on the decontamination room, I need these final tests to end my shift and since I have a confidential contract with the lab I can't let you see them…”

“Okay, okay…” he walks to the door “You have five minutes, call me if you need anything” he exits the cell.

(Y/n) walks next to the bed and places a hand on his forehead “You have fever, it’s seems that the morphine had some side effects on you” she unchains him “I’m sorry that I had to chain you, I had to do it as soon as I heard someone entering into the decontamination room”

He sits down and glares at the door where the guard left.

“I don’t like him… please let me kill him”

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