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"Appa we should take Innie to the mall." Taehyun said as he practically bounced with joy in his carseat, he was happy Innie was coming with them.

"Innie we can go to the mall right?" Taehyun asked as he looked at the other. Jeongin smiled and turned back to face the smaller boy who helped puppy dog eyes. "If that's okay with your Appa." He said as he looked at Hyunjin who continued to drive. "Appa?" Taehyun said as he looked at his father who gave a small smile. "I don't mind." 

Taehyun continued to talk, telling Jeongin about practically everything he could think of. Hyunjin simply listening his heart swelling at Taehyun talking so freely. It was moments like this Hyunjin would keep in memory forever. He really did feel bad about not being able to spend time with his son as much now due to work and Taehyun attending school. "Innie I wanted a little brother, but when I asked Appa he said that I couldn't have one." Taehyun said as he looked at the omega with a pout.

"Innie how come I can't have a baby brother?" Taehyun asked with furrowed brows. Silence fell between the adults an awkward atmosphere filling the car as Hyunjin gave a nervous laugh.

"Where here." He said as he pulled up the mall with a nervous smile. Taehyun seemed to forget the current question him said as he looked at the plaza with excitement. Parking the car, Hyunjin gave a relieved sigh and got out. Jeongin unbuckled Taehyun the small Alpha holding his hand as they made their way inside the mall Hyunjin walking along with them. Taehyun pulled Jeongin with him inside the toy store with a giggle as he looked around.

"Appa can I get something?" Taehyun asked as he looked at Hyunjin who smiled and nodded. "You have a limit of 30 dollars, spend it wisely bud." He said as he ruffled his sons hair.

"Okay." Taehyun giggled as he disappeared through the store. Jeongin smiled and gave a small giggle as he watched the boy run toward the action figures. "A baby brother huh?" Jeongin teased as he looked at Hyunjin who sighed with a small chuckle. "Yeah, he always goes on about wanting a sibling."

"About his Eomma." Jeongin said softly as he watched Taehyun check the prices on the plushies.

"She left me Taehyun after he was born, she wanted nothing to do with him...well until now." Hyunjin muttered as he looked at Jeongin who nodded understandingly. "What about you? Its odd for a pretty omega not to have an Alpha." Hyunjin said as he looked back over at Taehyun who was now looking at coloring books. "Are you saying I'm pretty?" Jeongin asked as he turned to Hyunjin with a raised brow.

A hum was the only reply Jeongin got as Taehyun came running over with toys and plushies in his arms. "Okay, okay. I want these." Taehyun said as he looked at the two with a gummy smile.

"Okay come on." Hyunjin said as he helped his son carry the plushies that where almost the same size as him. Taking out his card, Hyunjin payed and grabbed the bags from the cashier before following the other two out of the shop. "Innie we should shop for you too, what do you want?" He asked as he held Jeongin hand as he sucked on a lollipop he had bought as well.

"I don't need anything Tae." He said with a small smile as he looked at the boy. "Its fine, I'll pay." Hyunjin said as he smiled at the Omega who nodded and gave a small giggle as Taehyun pulled him toward a very expensive store. "Innie, me and Appa come and look for clothes in here you can pick whatever you want." Taehyun said as he looked up at Jeongin who gave a small chuckle.

He wasn't use to shopping in such expensive places. However he did need a new jacket since his current one was already pretty much worn out. Looking through he found a silk shirt and a jacket that even when being the lowest price he could find where still expensive.

"Are you sure that's all you want?" Hyunjin asked as they walked toward the counter. "

Y-yeah, I wouldn't be able to pay you back if I got something to expensive." He said with a shy laugh as he set his items down on the counter. He would surely have to hold on rent since he would need to pay Hyunjin back for the clothes he was buying for him.

"Jeongin I already said it's on me. Don't worry about it." Hyunjin said again, this time his tone more stern as he payed for the clothes. "Okay." He muttered softly as the worker handed him the bag with his stuff. Hyunjin simply put his card back into his wallet and headed out of the store. "Innie carry me?" Taehyun asked as he looked up at the omega who smiled and lifted him up resting the boy on his hip while his other hand held the bag. Even though he had a small frame for an omega he did have muscle from working out with Chan hyung at the gym every week when he got the chance.

"Can we go to the book store?" Taehyun asked as he looked at Hyunjin who smiled and nodded.

They walked toward the book store that was rather large and was a big part of the mall. Smiling Taehyun asked Jeongin to put him down before heading straight for the art books. Jeongin and Hyunjin had taken a seat at a table while they waited for Taehyun to find some books. "Oh, um I forgot but I wanted to ask you something." Jeongin said as he looked back at Hyunjin who hummed and leaned back in his seat.

"I have a friend who owns a art supply shop and he teaches kids how to paint. Though since Taehyun already knows how to he can just go to paint on the weekends." Jeongin said as he glanced back over at the boy who had two books in his grasp and was still looking.

"Its a small program nothing big." Jeongin assured with a small smile. Hyunjin stared at the omega as he talked looking over his facial features. He had a certain shyness to him when he talked it was cut. "I don't mind if Taehyun would like it." Hyunjin said as he looked at Jeongin with a smile. Nodding the omega turned back to check on Taehyun, noticing the boy had disappeared from the art section.

Scanning over a few other children's books aisle he still didn't see the boy. "Taehyun?" He called out with no response for the boy.

Hyunjin stood up immediately heading over to check for his son who was no where in sight. "Fuck!" He cursed as he rushed to the front counter where security and a lady were. Jeongin was right next to him worry filling his eyes as Hyunjin talked with the lady. "Have you seen a boy around 5, blue sweater with white jeans?" Hyunjin asked as he looked at the lady with hopeful eyes.

"Sorry I haven't, we can have security on it if you'd like." She said as she looked at Hyunjin who nodded. Security was sent out to look, but the mall was a large place to cover.

"I'll look for him near the restrooms and the food court  you go toward the toy shop." Jeongin said earning a nod from Taehyun the two splitting up to find the boy. Jeongin ran passed shops and crowds of people as he yelled Taehyun name his eyes scanning around in hopes to find the boy.

He was lucky he had his scent blockers or else the scent of a distressed omega pheromones would be everywhere.

Just as he passed the food court he spotted the familiar blue sweater along with the bag filled with plushies and toys. His eyes widened as he ran straight toward the small boy.

"TAEHYUN!" He shouted making the small boy turn to look back. Almost immediately he yanked his hand from the strangers and rushed over to Jeongin who held out his arms and lifted the boys into his grasp. "Innie I'm sorry I didn't mean to, the lady said she was gonna take me for icecream." Taehyun quickly apologized with tears in his eyes, already realizing the mistake he made. The Omegas heart pounded in relief at finding the small Alpha.

The clicking of heels made him look up. A lady in her twenties, curled brown hair sharp emotionless eyes, and sporting a white dress and white heels walked up to him with furrowed brows.

"What are you doing with my son."

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