Chapter 8

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Marinette pov

Today I am a little early because I was hoping to speak to Felix before school starts. I need to make sure he doesn't open his mouth up about this. He has already caused enough trouble in Paris with his akuma attack and fake vedio pretending to be Adrien. I can't have him causing any more trouble for me in Paris.

Felix pov.

Yet again I go according to my normal routine. Wake up, shower, change, sit to eat with my cousin Adrien and listen to him rant on about his classmates and how great they are. I for one honestly see nothing in them. All of them centered on one girl. The girl with the sausage hairstyle and fake sweet voice. All i have seen her do is lie and more lying and water works. I don't know why but every time that Marinette girl is around the class they stare daggers at her. I was planning on asking Adrien but then again he is just as foolish to the rest of the dingbats in the class swarming around the liar.

Perhaps I should ask my mystery female star lead for the Spring festive shoot. After all i hold a secret she doesn't want outed. Maybe i could use this to my advantage to get to knowherbetterfindout the real story behind all of this.

"Felix!" my cousin calls out. " we are here" he says.

As i walk out of the limo there i see her standing at the entrance talking to two girls from our class. The one with glasses and the other being the one with the sausage hair. There also seems to be another person standing around not to far behind against the wall shuffling his feet and looking down. A boy with a red cap hat and headphones.

Marinette pov

Oh just my luck. While I wait for the new boy Felix to arrive to school I have to cross paths with Lila and Alya. Nino is here too but he stands at a distance trying to not be apart of rant aimed at me by the two in front.

Alya: so Mari brat ,how id life as a pathetic loner with no friends.

Lila: ohh Mari, it's such a shame that you don't have anyone.

Marinette: first of all it's Marinette to you two not Mari. Only my friends call me that lastly have you looked in the mirror. The clothes you wear is like a second pair of skin. It looks so tight I can not comprehend how you even breath it.

Alya: why you slutty....
(bell rings putting the conversation between the three come to a full stop. Marinette walked of to class not wanting to deal with the girls any longer at this early in the morning.)

Marinette walks up the stairs to class with the release of sighs.

Marinette: do you think I will ever find peace in these four walls again Tikki. These walls I have built to hide my emotions to not break down and finally lose myself to all the pain.

Tikki: I am sorry Marinette but I don't know what to say except you have to be strong and maybe the light will reveal the truth one day.

Marinette: their is nothing to reveal. The evidence is right in front of them or even a click away. It's their choice for them to whether they want see it for themselves. Adrien was wrong Lila lies is hurting someone. It's hurting me slowly and painfully.

She walks into class walks over the legs that her fellow classmates that are sticking out to make her trip and goes to the back of the class and sits down quietly staring out of the classroom window.

Unknown to her and Tikki two people heard her words from when she was walking to class. One who had just returned from New York. The other being someone who is now ready to be the protector they should be. The shield.

Guess who the two members are?

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